Static Charge Match

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Static Charge Match
Number 11
Broadcast Date May 29, 2008
Episode Length 6:34
Hosts Brian Brushwood

Effect: Despite being an insulator, Brian is able to charge a match with static electricity which then causes another match to jump into the air.

Revision3 Summary

Method: When the matches come into contact, Brian flicks the end of one match which then propels the other into the air.

Need: The key to making this effect work is I BUILD ANTICIPATION. If you just walk up to someone and flick the match, nobody will be impressed. But if you carefully position the first match in their hand, then make a production of shuffling around to build up static electricity, the anticipation of something dangerous about to happen will put the mark on edge. It's that tension that gets turned into a yelp when the match rockets up into the air.

Bonus: when you flick the match, it makes a crackling sound that sounds like a spark!

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Next Week

  • Until next time... By the way, what are we doing next time? Oh, this is a special one! Next time, we're learning the Masons' secret handshake. So stay tuned for that.

Fun Facts

  • Filmed at Rye.



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Static Charge Match
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