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Steve is a netcast produced by the brothers, Chad and Drew Johnson. The show covers topics from the metaphysical to the very physical, whatever is on the brothers mind at the time. Some people have called it, "A podcast for podcast sake" or, "A waste of my time." The show debuted on February 15, 2011. After a bout of sporadic episodes, the show concluded with episode 29 on 10 January, 2012. Reasons for ending the netcast were cited primarily as scheduling conflicts.

Steve committed suicide, no ceremony was held but the body remains on display via the Internet.

Cast Bios


Chad is the youngest of the two brothers. Most people know Chad because of his videos on the internet. He makes personal journals, called vlogs, on YouTube, he is a regular character on TWiT’s NSFW, and seems to be starting, but not finishing, new projects everyday.


Drew is the older of the two brothers. Drew is a professional artist and illustrator. Most people don’t know Drew. He has no internet presence. He doesn’t post to YouTube, has no other podcasts, and only got a Facebook and Twitter account because other people made them for him behind his back. Drew likes to live in the real world with his doodles. What a dork.


Inola is a self-proclaimed bullshit artist with no true area of expertise aside from being loud and swearing. She just showed up for the Bud Light Lime and she makes the state of Oregon incredibly ashamed of itself.


Alana is first and foremost concerned with bringing rights to sexbots everywhere.* She plans to lobby with her activist group Feminists Against Plastic Perversion (FAPP) until sexbot AI is advanced enough for the model to autonomously determine exactly which Sex and the City girl she/he is most like, or until the zombie bunny apocalypse occurs (whichever comes first). Also, in her spare time she enjoys knitting.

* At least until someone produces the Mr. Darcy model