Steve McTilloturlerl

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Steve McTilloturlerl
Steve McTilloturlerl.jpg
First Appearance TWiT Ain't Nothin' But Pitches and Shows
Portrayed By Justin Robert Young

Steve McTilloturlerl is a die hard enthusiast of the long-dead LaserDisc technology.


  • Lots of high-pitched laughing
  • Talks about the latest LaserDiscs to hit eBay.

Catch Phrase



Fun Facts

  • Despite the weird spelling, Steve's last name is pronounced "mic-til-ing-toot-er".
  • Besides LaserDiscs, Steve is also an avid Buffalo Sabres fan.
  • He does not use Social Media nor Email, and prefers Snail Mail.

Mailing Address

Steve McTilloturlerl PO Box 48923 Suburban, WI 42889