TWiT Ain't Nothin' But Pitches and Shows

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TWiT Ain't Nothin' But Pitches and Shows
Number 96
Broadcast Date October 3, 2011
Episode Length 1:20:53
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Brett Rounsaville, Mike TV

Brett Rounsaville is with Brian live from Petaluma where they will pitch four new show ideas for TWiT, then Mike TV from Get Set Go comes back to perform once again.


Opening Video

Brian gets a gift from TWiT.

Pitches and Shows

Since they expanded to their new TWiT Brickhouse, the guys felt that TWiT needs some new shows. So Brian and Brett are going to act as the hosts, with Justin playing the guest, to try and get TWiT to pick up their new shows.

  • Their first idea is for a show is centered around a topic that NOBODY is addressing right now. "This Week in Laserdiscs".
Everyone is crazy about the Blu-rays these days, but there is some news on Laserdiscs. Steve McTilloturlerl joined them to talk about ebay prices of Laserdiscs. "Footloose" went for $3.50 recently, also there are lots of copies of "Stand By Me" available now.

  • "TW-Gossip"- Its a show about celebrities on Twitter with Max Chip as the guest.
Britney Spears said that she loves pizza
Lil' John is going fishing in Russia- "YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA"
Lady Gaga got her little monster stuck on the side of her leg.
Kim Kardashian is hangin' with the fam' tonight


Go to and get your 14-day free trial. Then if you decide to stick with them, use the offer code "NSFW10" at checkout.

Pitches and Shows Part 2

  • "What Were you Thinking?" Brian and Brett are going to interview people who took big risks in the tech industry and totally failed.
Their guest is Mike Shonfelder, who got $50,000,000 to start MonitorFire, but due to a product defect, all of their monitors caught fire.
  • "Buzzwording"- It's a show for technology people who need to know the right lingo in order to keep their phony-bologna jobs.
Their guest is Emily Smith, a full-time fun-employed independent Word-Optimizer.

Night Attack

The first comedy album, Night Attack is on sale now. Unfortunately it's $18 on Amazon right now, it should be $1.99. Brian and Justin don't encourage you to buy it for more than $1.99. Once Amazon fixes the price, Brian and Justin will tweet it out and then they want EVERYONE to buy it all at once to try and shoot up the leader boards on Amazon so they can all brag that they have a best selling comedy album.

Now, if you REALLY want to get it now, and you don't want to pay $18 for it, you can get it at CDBaby for $1.99, but be a cool person and buy it again on Amazon when Brian and Justin tell you to.

Summer Music Series

Guess what, MikeTV from Get Set Go is back yet again to perform for us.

He even performed a semi-acapella version of the NSFW end song.

New Champion! Woo!

Brian, Justin, Brett and Mike TV for making the maybe the greatest NSFW episode ever.

Great Quotes

  • (Before the show) "If it were up to me the whole show would just be Get Set Go and flying sharks." -Brian
  • "Man that's a crazy ass shark..." -Justin
  • "Hey it's Indiana Jones and the black guy" -Steve McTilloturlerl
  • "Don't you mean TW-Gossip?" -Both Brett and Justin
  • "Can't get anything past our Synergistic-Blenderizer, why? Because we're all better than you." -Brett

Fun Facts

  • Not only were Brian and Brett live from Petaluma, Justin was also live from his new set in his bedroom.
  • OMG Chad operated the Tricaster for this episode. However, JammerB was still at the Brickhouse, controlling the flying shark.
  • Steve McTilloturlerl (Justin) was wearing a Buffalo Sabres jersey.
  • Jason Howell can be seen editing that day's Framerate in the background during "TW-Gossip".
  • Mike TV performed acoustically, but Skype kind of munged up the the downloadable version of the episode has both songs dubbed in. The first song was recorded again later and the non-acoustic End of the Show Song was inserted after the start of the live acoustic version.
  • Old John Smokey indicated via Twitter that he would have performed during this episode, but could not get online. It turned out his Ethernet cable was unplugged.
  • DemolitionMan made an animated version of This Week in Laserdisc! Link!


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