Testing Ninja Stars with a Slingshot

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Testing Ninja Stars with a Slingshot
Number 58
Broadcast Date March 24, 2017
Episode Length 15:58
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Jason had to clear his head so he went over to the Pizza Hut on Manchaca, and while on his last man in the Master Splinter fight, he realized that all it really takes to be a true ninja is the holy-coveted shuriken.


We said it in the episode, but just in case you only read the descriptions but don't watch the episode, it's worth telling you that this isn't the kind of thing you should actually be making. We couldn't possibly encourage that, because these are weapons. Know your laws and use common sense, the most common of those senses being to just not make'em.

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Fun Facts

  • The entire editing process of this episode was livestreamed.


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Testing Ninja Stars with a Slingshot
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