The Bizarre Briefing

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The Bizarre Briefing
The Bizarre Briefing.jpg
Cover art for the podcast
Hosted by Bryce Castillo
Brandt Hughes
David Rowyn
John Rael
No. of episodes 50+
Runtime 60-135 minutes
Camera Switcher(s) Bryce Castillo
Editor(s) Bryce Castillo
Original Run April 29, 2015 - Present

The Bizarre Briefing is a podcast in which the folks behind the scenes of Bizarre Magic Inc. discuss the inner workings of the business. Frequent topics of discussion include the minutia behind running YouTube channels, running the shop at Scam Stuff, coordinating live events, community management, and occasionally the extended off-topic rant. The show was born out of an actual need for business meetings and more communication, it's livestreamed on or near the last Tuesday of every month on the nightattack twitch channel.


The current hosts include:

Previous hosts have included:

* these hosts have been involved since the beginning of The Bizarre Briefing


The Bizarre Briefing was nominated and won the 2016 People's Choice Podcast Award for the Business category, although the award was briefly brought into question because of the Hatting the System bookmarklet used to vote for the podcast.


See previous episodes on or in The Bizarrre Briefing Playlist from the Scam Stuff YouTube channel.