This Rad Bromance is a Trainwreck

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This Rad Bromance is a Trainwreck
Number 35
Broadcast Date August 3, 2010
Episode Length 57:44
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Trainwreck

NSFW is joined by Kyle Gass and the band Trainwreck. They pitch PR ideas, tag themselves onto memes, and show at least 4 man nipples, if not more.


To start the show, Brian played not just one, but two, videos. The first was Eva Mendes’ sex tape followed by Trainwreck’s music video for their song “Brodeo”

Justin and Brian then proceeded to express how much of a fan they were of Trainwreck and Tenacious D. Once they got over the fact that their heroes were on the show with them, they got on to the first segment called: “STOP IT!”. In this game, Justin for videos of people who are absolutely horrendous at what they do, and the guests would decide which person should immediately stop doing what they were doing in the video. The first video was the sumo rapper and the second was a “belly dancer” dressed as a pirate, complete with swords. The decision from Trainwreck was clear, they wanted the “belly dancer” to stop, because she clearly had no talent at all. Kyle then became inspired by the sumo rapper and took his shirt off and remained topless for the majority of the show.

After the awkwardness of Kyle’s naked chest subsided Brian and Justin decided to move on to the next segment called “Me Too”. Here Justin showed off his William Shatner cover of Auto Tune the News’ recent song “Bed Intruder”. After both videos ended there was a bit of an awkward silence where you couldn’t really tell if Trainwreck liked the video or not. Justin admitted in the after show that he wished that they had cut this segment out of the podcast.

Now we finally got into the meat of the show where Brian and Justin presented some possible publicity stunts in different locations for Trainwreck in order get people talking about their upcoming tour.

  • Ireland- Get head from the Blarney Stone
  • Detroit- Temporarily change their name to “Carwreck” and have an actual car wreck in front of GM’s headquarters while they are all naked
  • Anchorage- Kyle would go streaking and melt all of the ice with the massive amounts of heat coming from his body in order to make ponds in which dolphins can swim
  • Atlanta- Two words: Naked dudes
  • North Korea- Kidnap Justin Beiber and take him on stage while Trainwreck rocks out... and they’re all naked

The Anchorage stunt was the favorite of Trainwreck as well as Brian and Justin. However, Kyle noticed that every stunt involved nudity in some part and, already shirtless, stood up and threatened to go “full frontal” live on NSFW. Brian, afraid of more controversy, quickly switched the camera back to himself fearing that Kyle would really get naked. Fortunately, he did not.

Next they moved on to presenting Adobeshopped posters promoting the tour for different cities.


Now, realizing the show is getting a bit slow, Brian decided to move on to asking actual questions to Trainwreck. All you need to know is that Kyle had so much rock in side of him that he needed to for a band and ejaculate it all over them and Trainwreck has been jizzing for seven years straight now. Also you can buy their album at their website

Then Brian opened up the phones for callers to ask their own questions to Trainwreck. The first question was about their worst gig ever. They explained that it was the time that they had opened up for the punk band “X” and got pelted with beer bottles, resulting in the arrests of 10 rowdy fans in the crowd. The second and final call was a girl explaining how much better New Haven was than Hartford, which caught everyone off guard considering all of the other topics that were discussed previously.

What happened next is something that will be written about for centuries to come in Wiki’s just like this one all across the World Wide Web. Trainwreck performed their song “Brodeo” live for the NSFW audience. At one point in the song Kyle told the audience to take their shirts off, which Brian and Justin did instantly, along with a few members of the chatrealm. Once the song was over, Brian concluded that the show could not get any better so he decided to quit while we were ahead and went into plugs, totally skipping the final segment called “Photobombing History”. Although it is rumored that this game will show up in a future episode.


New Champion! Woo!

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Fun Facts

  • This episode set the world record for most nipples show in a podcast with 19.


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