The Scream Queens vs. Zombie President

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The Scream Queens vs. Zombie President
Number 34
Broadcast Date July 27, 2010
Episode Length 1:07:36
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Joke and Biagio, Rosanna Pansino, Allison Kyler, Nate Orloff

The chat room pitches a movie which the Scream Queens act out following Justin and Brian's direction.


In this episode, Brian and Justin are joined by Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina, (the people behind the VH1 show, "Scream Queens"), Rosanna Pansino and Allison Kyler (contestants on the upcoming season 2 of Scream Queens) and some guy that knows how to write a script on an iPad how to write a script on an iPad, Nate Orloff. Before the show started Brian and Justin asked the viewers to send a pitch for a 1 minute horror movie, which would be performed live on the show by Rosanna, Allison Nate.

The show started off with Brian playing a questionably appropriate opening video suggested by Justin. Then right when Justin was introducing the guests, Skype promptly dropped the call with Joke and Biagio. While attempting to get the guests back online, the guys introduced the newest game that is sweeping across the nation-- NSFW Bingo .

Once all of the technical issues were ironed out, Justin explained that the guests would be acting out a movie, while people from the chat room would be editing the shots together live, to be put in at the end of the show. He then proceeded to pitch the e-mailed scripts to the guests.

  • DudeBro9000- A 1920's newsreel man verbally abuses his hot girl coworkers in their New York co-workers. But, little does he know, the girls have a play to poison his coffee. The plan succeeds, however, the girls did not know that their boss is still alive as a demon-zombie-warewolf-wolfman-vampire and his lust for revenge and brains and blood and 80's style sunglasses causes him to kill his co-workers and run off into the night, looking for more victims. -- This script was well received by the hosts as well as the guests, however the demon-zombie-warewolf-wolfman-vampire idea was a little to complex.
  • MasterWabbit- "Honest American" It takes place in the office of a New York representative, where the representative, the President and a message boy have barricaded themselves inside in order to be safe from an out break of a disease that dissolves human organs, bones and skin within 12 hours of contraction. SPOILER ALERT! The disease was released by the NASA administrator trying to gain political control for the upcoming elections. -- While the President idea was liked by everyone, the situation was not used in the final movie.
  • Unknown source- People playing World of Warcraft notice that their online friends' avatars are disappearing, because they are dying in real life. It turns out that Adrian Brody is the killer. -- While CLEARLY being the best idea for a movie, it was deemed to be a joke and thus, was discarded.

The final plot that the hosts decided on was a combination of DudeBro9000 and MasterWabbit's scripts. It opens on the President (Nate) verbally abusing his assistants (Rosanna and Allison) and demanding a cup of coffee. We then see Rosanna and Allison complaining about how much they hate the President and get the idea to poison his coffee. Rosanna and Allison then walk back to the President, who is mumbling about his hatred of Twilight, Cuba and cinnamon. The President drinks the coffee, exclaims "I fucking HATE cinnamon!" and collapses. The girls, ecstatic from their plan working out, that they embrace and go in for a kiss, but before their lips can touch the President's eyes flash open and says "BUT CUBA!". Allison realizes that the President is a zombie, but Rosanna is there to explain that he was actually a zombie the whole time- the first zombie President in fact. Then the girls let out a ear splitting scream as it fades to black.

The filming began quickly as all the necessary props were gathered from around the room. The props included a cup, a notebook, a platter, a Splenda packet with "POISON" written on it, a fluffy microphone windscreen, a Santa hat and ,of course, a basketball-sized chrome ball. The filming went along without a hitch (except for a few occasions where Brian or Justin can be heard talking or laughing during the different scenes) with several different takes for each scene to allow for some freedom for the editors.

Unfortunately, the chatroom editors could not send in an entire edited movie to the hosts in a timely manner, so the show was put on pause as they waited for submissions to come in. Brian and Justin clearly had no idea what to do in order to fill time until the submissions started coming in. Nothing really interesting happened except for videos of Biagio in old episodes of "Keenan and Kel" and starting the campaign to get the girls of "Scream Queens" in Maxim magazine. Having nothing else to do, the guys did the show wrap-up so the fabulous TWiT editor, Tony Wang, can graciously edit it into the final podcast along with the final veiwer-edited movies.

Brian and Justin were getting very nervous as nearly an hour passed since filming finished and there were still no edited videos coming in, until finally BillMeeks came to the rescue with his unnecessarily large 1080p opening title sequence. This single video, restored hope in the hearts of both the hosts and the chatroom. From here on out, the show turned into happy-fun-times as more and more zombie videos came in as they transferred from TWiT to for the after show and we all went to bed happy, knowing that Tony will spend hours stuck in a tiny room, piecing together the many different parts of one of the greatest NSFW episodes ever.


New Champion! Woo!

  • Bill Meeks submitted the Zombie President video that saved the day
  • ...also, Tony and jammerb.
  • Jiggle dance!

Great Quotes

  • "But Cuba!" -Nate

Fun Facts

  • Atom12 was working on a video, but he had a system failure which rendered his files unusable.
  • The first acceptable video did not arrive until about 2 hours after the show started.
  • The aftershow lasted 4 hours after the official show ended. NSFW fans were eager to see some video.
  • This will probably turn out to be one of the most heavily-edited shows of NSFW history.
  • Biagio played the nerdy Marc Cram on the Nickelodeon show "Keenan & Kel"
  • The first use of "Chatrealm"


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