Throwing Cards Like a World Champion

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Throwing Cards Like a World Champion
Number 125
Broadcast Date June 15, 2018
Episode Length 25:03
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests Rick Smith Jr.


I'm afraid Brian and Jason got Rick Smith Jr. to be on the show under false pretenses. What they didn't tell him is that they have a business plan to Honey I Shrunk the Kids paying customers, gently balance them on a playing card with a custom built harness (gaffer's tape,) and hurl them towards the nearest micro-city. It's a bold step for environmental conservation efforts, but these jokers know that to deal the right hand... you have to become kings of the card.

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Big thanks to Rick for dropping by and teaching the guys something that doesn't need 20 disclaimers to show you.

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A 1 hour 20 minute multi-cam view of the episode, without all that pesky editing and curation.

Guest Interview

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A 20+ minute interview in which Brian and Jason sit down with Rick Smith Jr, discussing how Rick discovered his ability to throw cards, what it's like to break world records, how he almost sabotaged a string of tv appearances, the details of his surgery, and the power of just saying "yes."

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Throwing Cards Like a World Champion
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