Tom Gehrke

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Tom Gehrke
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Born Human
Known For Being a nice guy

Tom Gehrke is a moderator of Chatrealm chat and various subreddits, including those of Cordkillers and DTNS.


  • Sounds like a gatowag sounds.
  • Good at Photography and arty stuffs
  • Probably not a sentient pickle
  • Considered a "Cool Dude" by Dan the Butt
  • He lies sometimes
  • Not a lady in a restaurant
  • Can be summoned in chat by making a poop joke

Famous Quotes

  • "heil hitler" - tomgehrke 1-5-2015
  • "that's what she said..." -tomgehrke all the time
  • "so i'm a subconscious muppet. brilliant." 1-10-2015
  • "and masticated nuts. i know you like those." 6-10-2015


  • Macshadey
  • The Gehrkin
  • Chad
  • tomgehrke
  • Tom Gherke (if you misspell it the same way Mek does)