Transform Napkins Into 3 Logic Puzzles!

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Transform Napkins Into 3 Logic Puzzles!
Number 302
Broadcast Date December 23, 2013
Episode Length 10:38
Hosts Brian Brushwood
Guests Korey Coleman, Jason Murphy, Allison Murphy


Brian shows off 3 puzzles using napkins. No need for any fancy equipment... and they're absorbent for all that free beer you may spill on yourself.

Drop Some L's On Dat

You are given an L shape, do you have what it takes to divide that into four separate L's of equal shape and size?

Breaking Barriers

An object of immeasurable worth is concealed by hot lava, can you retrieve that object without touching the hot lava?

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Deceptive Napkins

There are two different kinds of bottle caps, and each of the three napkins claim to hold a unique combination of bottle caps. All three are lying, how quickly can you figure out where all the bottle caps truly lie?

Next Week

And make sure to join us next week, because I'm going to unveil my secret method for getting you gigabit fiber no matter where you live. Spoiler alert: the answer is to move to Austin where we have gigabit fiber. Thanks Google!

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Fun Facts

  • This is the first truly in-house production of Scam School.



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Transform Napkins Into 3 Logic Puzzles!
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