Two Kirks One Neal

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Two Kirks One Neal
Number 9
Broadcast Date January 26, 2011
Episode Length 56:45
Hosts Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood

Why 3D will never work, Kevin Smith goes his own way, Netflix and Time Warner, and more


Opening Video

Beyond Black Mesa teaser


Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • Though the Chatrealm suggested the title as Two Kirks, One Neil in reference to the video with two James T. Kirks and Neil Armstrong, the TWiT Cottage misspelled it as "Neal"
  • Prior to the beginning of the show, Brian's entire rig crashed and he had to record this episode from his laptop. Additionally, Tom had been sick for the days prior, allowing for many jokes involving Brian not looking like Brian and Tom not sounding like Tom



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Two Kirks One Neal
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