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Really, I'm just editing my talk page so it's not a redlink.  ;) If you have BBpedia-related topics you would like to discuss, go ahead and "talk" here...

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  • Feel free to type here...just sign your comments using --~~~~ please. That will automatically add in your username and the date and time. (The same as pressing the "Signature" button above.) --PDelahanty 15:36, 18 February 2011 (PST) redesign & making it easier for new people

Sooo during a chatrealm hangout we were talking about making NSFW easier for new folks to join chatrealm. Seeing as you were talking about redesign, maybe take steps to making it easier for new folks:

  • Easy directions for joining the chat (on this note, don't have main page be live feed, except for maybe when it's go time)
  • Easier to join chatrealm as whole, At0mXII pointed out that joining hangouts would be easier for people to join the community, and (through this is more for Brian & Justin) featuring chatrealmers might show that there are people behind community that are cool (the idea was showing small clips on show).
  • Maybe highlights from episodes to show to new people. Another good point from hangout was the "3 episode challenge", one of the "converted twits" said that first time he was "What is this?", the next episode he thought "alright..." and after third one he was full on.

(following are more of just my ideas)

  • Posting episodes to the website. The wiki interface is clunky, a dedicated page would be a lot more useful. The show notes could be copied from wiki (as there has become a format to it by Leon). Also I could help set up chatrealm viewer for website.
  • Dedicated adobeshops page/site. At0mXII revealed to me that during the latest meetup, he and Brian said that an Adobeshop collection site would be something I would do. Seeing as I'm already doing that, it's obviously not revealed enough. Also like I mentioned above, wiki interface is clunky. There could be a gallery where people can vote on adobeshops (out of 5 stars, or e to pi)
  • Chatrealm blog (or Cool nsfwshow related shit). While could be it, it's potential is really underused now. Some of the more active chatrealmers could be given blogging access to highlight cool stuff (like Detecting Shwood; I'd sign up to bloggers list)

I'll tweet this out to see if anyone else wants to post ideas bellow.

--t2t2 23:12, 10 July 2011 (PDT)

Actually, I'm deep into the redesign already. Some of the stuff you've mentioned is in there in a way, but there's A LOT more. (Specifically, handling the ongoing issue of "Which chat should I be in?" once and for all.) I don't want to go into much detail about it here since it's just my wiki talk page and not a forum, but I can reassure you that it's not just a redesign to the look and there will be some really cool added functionality. However, I actually don't want to integrate "Chatrealm" into it too much since Brian never actually uses that IRC during his broadcasts and adding yet another chat option will really only confuse people further. I really want to get across the message "THIS is NSFW" and when you add in the vast world of Chatrealm it really overwhelms first time viewers. There's a pretty clear direction for the new site design and architecture that I've mapped out and it keeps the focus on the show itself while letting BBpedia tie the "BBverse" together and act as the fan site where all the fan goings-on take place. (Separation of church and state, kind of.) I certainly understand that a lot of Chatrealmers would want "official" exposure on the main NSFW site, but I think it's important to maintain the distinction between what is official TWiT/Brian/Justin stuff and what is Chatrealm shenanigans. --PDelahanty 10:38, 11 July 2011 (PDT)
First, I didn't mean adding IRC to anywhere (as it is underused). The chat aspect was more of don't be afraid to join the chat when it's live. Featuring chatrealm is more about the community aspect of chatrealm (making cool stuff, hangouts, #chatrealm hashtag on twitter). I'll check with aldldl on pushing more activity into the site, maybe it could be linked as a sidenote ("Also check what the fans are doing..."). Anyways if you have everything down, in horseboy I trust. --t2t2 14:47, 11 July 2011 (PDT) has about 4 admin and 3 editors including me. T2T2 has some ftp access & Cheeto has full ftp. I think it would be a great idea to use it more, I will add as many editors as you all think we can trust though i would like to keep admin to a small core group. let me know what you need me to do and sorry i cant be around as much as before - damn work --Aldldl 20:01, 11 July 2011 (PDT)