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TPIA (or The Penalty Is Aids) is a catch phrase from BBLiveShow which has carried over to NSFW.


Amtrekker and Justin Robert Young's debut album

The phrase originated in the Secrets or BS episode of BBLiveShow. Justin Robert Young spit-wadded the idea of Brett Rounsaville contracting AIDS for the sole purpose of winning the 2009 Podcast Awards. Later in the same podcast, Brett Rounsaville made the mistake of reading out loud at a submission's evidence for the Secrets or BS skit. One user in the chat room typed "PENALTY = AIDS" and was read by Brian Brushwood as "The Penalty is AIDS".

Notable Appearances

A robot voice version of TPIA was added to the soundboard and first played in Sam Schoo.

In November 2010, a Horde guild was formed in World of Warcraft named The Penalty Is Raids. It consists of fans of NSFW and BBLiveShow.

TPIA T-Shirt Submissions

Screen Grab of Suggested TPIA T-Shirt Design

Prior to the Sam Schoo episode of BBLiveShow, Brian asked for ideas for TPIA shirt designs from his Internet audience. The winning design would be worn on Scam School by Brian himself. The consensus was that the "Pennsylvania Institute of Astrology" design, created by Gatowag, was the winner. The design can be found in Gatowag's Cafepress store.

On February 12, 2010, Brian tweeted out an image of a TPIA shirt that Patrick Delahanty was wearing. Patrick says he wore it to work. "I caught people looking at it and reading it, but nobody questioned it."

When NSFW began looking for a new name, people in The CluBBhouse rallied behind the name "This Podcast Is Awesome" partly due to the inside joke referenced in the name's initials.

Other TPIA T-shirt Contest Submissions

TPIA7.jpg TpiaTshirt.jpg TPIA6.png TPIAshirt.jpg TPIAShirt3.jpg TPIAShirt2.jpg TPIAShirt1.jpg TPIA5.jpg TPIA3.jpg TPIA2.jpg Tpiashirt4.jpg TPIA4.png Meantasajoke.jpg LiterallyTPIA.jpg

Unintentional TPIA

Occasionally, TPIA is used by those outside the BBverse to refer to something else...with sometimes hilarious results for those familiar with the true meaning of TPIA.

TPIA-Logo.jpg Tpia srgb a.gif 4.0 TPIA 1 LOGO.gif TPIA insurance.gif

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