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Number 13
Broadcast Date February 23, 2010
Episode Length 1:13:44
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt

Revision3 vs TWiT vs CNET in the Internet Olympics.


Brian, Justin, and Tom face off as representatives of the internet countries of Rev3, TWiT, and CNET (respectively) in the Internet Olympics (for legal reasons, fearing reprisal from the IOC, later dubbed the "W1NNER GAM3Z"). Delegates representing each country compete in four categories: "Ultimate Victory" Adobeshop, Viral Video Gold, short-form Trolling, and Freestyle.

The episode begins with an A-Team style intro (made by JTLY), introducing our hosts & guest host Tom Merritt. Tom announces shortly thereafter that he's legally changed his name to "Tomas Mereet". And there is great rejoicing. Brian & Justin announce the theme of tonight's episode, along with an 8-bit intro from an old Olympic video game (Epic Winter Games? needs documentation). After several attempts at coming up with a name for the event that does not in any way mention the Olympics, they settle upon the W1NNER GAM3Z.

The video for the Trolling portion of the competition is announced: OMG_Chad's YouTube intro. The chat room is instructed to troll the comments on YouTube & identify which team they are aligning themselves with: CNET, TWiT, or Rev3. The winner would be decided at the end of the show.


Next up was the Adobeshop portion of the contest. Participants were told to send in an Adobeshop with the theme of "Ultimate Victory". Brian assigned them randomly to each representative based on what color they chose. Justin chose "the color of my current underwear: violet"; Tom chose red for CNET; and Brian chose green for Rev3.

Justin's choice was a submission by David (chat room name?), an Adobeshop comic strip having to do with Brian asking Leo for a show on TWiT (pic needed!). Tom's choice was a submission by Becky (Giggleloop), which was a poster for an NSFW Fight Club "Ultimate Victory" event (see pic). Brian's choice was a submission by Petefic, also a comic strip involving Brian and Leo (and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label) (need pic!).

There was a dustup in the chat room with Petefic claiming that David stole his Adobeshop idea. In the end, the "Ultimate Victory" Fight Club poster by Giggleloop was chosen as winner, and Tom was awarded a Gold Medal. He surprised the hosts by already having a gold medal around his neck, which he proudly displayed, along with a pale white protest fist for some as-yet-unknown cause.

After the Audible.com sponsor segment, came the Viral Video portion of the episode. Justin's choice was Jack Webster's submission of Do Something, Cat. Brian's choice was Becky (Giggleloop)'s submission of Hitler's Pencil of Doom. Hitler seemed a likely favorite to win, until Tom's choice was played: a submission by Dana Moran (chat room name?), My Little Pony Doing Musicals, specifically the portion of the video where the pony is passionately singing "And I Am Telling You" from the musical Dreamgirls. Another gold medal for Tom & the CNET team.

After reviewing YouTube comments on the OMG_Chad video, it was decided that Justin would win the gold for TWiT.

Finally came the freestyle portion of the competition. Brian chose a submission by Bryan Lee (chat room name?), an Up Butt Coconut video (unable to locate the version shown). Brian said it was great, except that it in no way referenced NSFW Show or the hosts. Tom's choice was a submission by Patrick Delahanty, his mashup of the "Get On My Horse" and "It may, in fact, be a moth" videos. Justin's choice was a submission by John Vogel (chat room name?), an alternate origin story of the Frodo Baggins photo. While it was agreed that the Frodo story was good, the Gold was once again given to Tom, making Team CNET the ultimate victor in the first annual W1NNER GAM3Z. Hurray!

This episode was sponsored by Audible.com.

Audible.com recommendations from this episode:

(Justin shows several audio books on his Audible playlist; his main recommendation is Hyperion, but they are included here for the sake of completeness.)

New Champion! Woo!

  • Second repeat guest: Tom Merritt
  • Announcement of iTunes video feeds for NSFW Show, in both high- and low-bitrate versions.
  • Chat room regular Petefic acquires the nickname "Pedro Fictitious" from Justin.
  • This episode (specifically the Audible.com sponsor segment) was the origin of Justin creating the "Feynman Macks Hoes" meme.

Great Quotes

  • "Spoiler alert for JFK!" -Pedro Fictitious in the chatroom, after Justin mentioned the Zapruder film
  • "Yes, they're back! To pump pleasure right in your brainhole!" -Justin at the beginning of the Audible.com live read
  • "Not only did you lose the Cold War, you lost against us in figure skating! Eat it, Russia!" -Justin
  • "The best part of Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! is reading on how Richard Feynman macks hoes." -Justin

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