We Comin' for You Twitta

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We Comin' for You Twitta
Number 32
Broadcast Date October 8, 2014
Episode Length 1:37:30
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests MikeTV

This week, MikeTV returns to talk about his almost-DUI, the guys read more of Jakie Hern's parents' extramarital love letters and they quickly catch everyone up to date with what's happening between them and TWiT.


Cold Open

What's up with the homeless? They probably smell better than Lewis and Clark though.

Let's Get Serious

This is a very serious show that talks about serious issues. MikeTV started off the show by telling the story of the time he got a DUI, meanwhile Justin played royalty-free music. The story involved Mike befriending his arresting officers and planning silly pranks with his fellow drunk tank detainees. In the end, he lost his license for four months, but he made memories that would last a lifetime.

The Statement to End All Statements

A lot of stuff happened with Brian, Justin and TWiT recently. The guys set a timer for two minutes to explain the whole situation. Then they spent another 10 minutes explaining it. Basically, PadreSJ wanted to have them on his show Padre's Corner. He asked TWiT CEO and Leo's fiancee, Lisa, if Brian and Justin could be guests. She said no. Then Baratunde Thurston was booked on This Week in Tech and wanted to be on with Brian. Chad, who books the guests for TWiT, asked Leo if Brian could be a guest. Leo said no. Brian and Justin were butt-hurt and then last week happened and they drunkenly opened up about the situation. Leo heard about it and now he and Lisa are super pissed at them. Finally, in the wee-morning hours of the day of recording, Brian accidentally publically tweeted screenshots of some angry DMs that Leo sent to both he and Justin. Shit hit the fan, the guys are definitely banned from TWiT.

Brian and Justin's position is that it's TWiT's right to ban them and it's Brian and Justin's right to be butt-hurt.


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MikeTV Covers the Internet

MikeTV is a man with an amazing talent for improvisational music. The Chatrealm submitted videos and Mike came up with songs about the videos.

Videos covered

MikeTV's Patreon

Hey man, we all agree that Mike is a cool dude, right? Let's support him. Head over to his Patreon and get more of what you love from his appearances on Night Attack.

Friendly Recommendation


Justin's friend Joe knows all about that HTML nonsense. He's got that shit on lock! (Spoiler. Joe is actually Brian in disguise and he uses Squarespace.)

Squarespace is the fast and easy way to create a high quality website, blog or portfolio. They've got some sweet-ass tools and templates to make some awesome websites without you needing any knowledge of HTML.

Head over to SquareSpace.com/nap and try out a 14-day free trial.

Brian's Encounter with the Law

So Brian's one of those dudes that values his rights and opts-out of the TSA body-scanners every time. Having done this many, many times he has found that opting for the pat down adds an extra 15 minutes or so to the process. Since he's a master of 'hacking the system' he discovered that sitting down cross-legged on the floor while waiting makes the TSA agents super nervous and they get someone out there to pat him down WAY quicker.

The day before recording this episode, Brian was in Las Vegas for a show and while sitting on the floor in the security checkpoint TSA agent got a stick up his butt and wanted to start some shit. Essentially the TSA agent said that he couldn't sit on the floor, Brian refused to stand until he got his pat down. The agent eventually called the cops because Brian was refusing to comply. When the cop got there, the cop was pretty annoyed with the both of them since everyone has better things to do. In the end, Brian ended up with a half-full bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper on the other side of the checkpoint.

Jackie Hern's Parents' Love Letters: Part 3

If you don't remember from two weeks ago, Chatrealmer Jackie Hern found some love letters written by her parent's to their respective lovers. Brian and Justin continue their dramatic reenactment of the letters.

This time around, however, there were some pictures included with the letters. The picture of her father showed him, naked, sitting cross-legged facing away from the camera. The second picture is (possibly) of her mother sitting with only her exposed legs visible. In response to the photo, Brian said "This is considered sexy?"

James Thurgood is Looking For A City

James Thurgood stopped by the show to drop some Vs on us. Then he sang one of his favorite hymns, Looking for a City, in the style of Johnny Cash.

Diamond Time

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Great Quotes

  • "We've all become such great friends! Anyway, you're going to jail." - Justin (13:59)
  • "You wanna date the daughter of Ol' Snake Dick Brushwood?! You better step your shit up!" - Justin (43:22)
  • "Why do we have to resort to bitch-fucking?" - Justin (44:25)

Fun Facts


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