When the Sun Explodes

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When the Sun Explodes
Number 152
Broadcast Date January 9, 2017
Episode Length 1:04:50
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Roberto Villegas

Hulu shares some sneak peeks about their live service and the hottest over the air hardware out of CES. With special guest Roberto Villegas.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Chris Welch from The Verge got a look at Hulu’s forthcoming Live TV service
It will be available in the Hulu app, not from a separate app.
Priced less than $40
Two simultaneous streams, cloud DVR with a small amount of storage
New users answer questions about movie and TV tastes including shows and networks
Main screen “Lineup” shows on demand and live things Hulu thinks you’ll want to watch
Notifications based on preferences
Other sections similar to existing Hulu
Live TV section (no guide) and “leaving Hulu soon” section
Pause any network show and rewind from where you started watching
Pay extra for more DVR storage and more simultaneous streams
Signed deal with CBS, meaning only NBC left to bring in.
“in the coming months”
Multi-year deal with Disney to bring animated classics and live-action catalog

How to Watch

Dish announced the Air TV set-top box running Android TV that can integrate over the air channels into it’s Sling TV channel guide. It can also run all Android TV apps and comes with Netflix and YouTube pre-installed. The bluetooth remote has voice control and infrared for controlling sound systems. The Air TV is available today for $130 or $100 without the antenna adapter. You can buy the adapter later for $40.
Mohu Airwave
Antenna that streams OTA TV over WiFi
Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iOS, Android, Web
$150 late spring
Connect USB antenna to Android TV (starting with Nvidia Shield)
Software can work with Hauppage tuner as well
Software is free with free 30-day trial, guide data is $3.99 a month
Coming to Google Play Store in Q2
Device coming Q2 no price
Tablo Live
One-tuner, no storage
Streams OTA TV to Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast and mobile
Q2 for $99
Upcoming Tablo Cloud feature for storage in the cloud

What to Watch

Twin Peaks will debut on Showtime May 21. Right after the premiere airs, you’ll be able to watch episodes three and four on Showtime’s digital streaming service.
Hulu is teaming up with the BBC to make a series called Hard Sun from Luther creator Neil Cross. Earth is five years from an apocalypse that can’t be avoided and follows detectives trying to enforce the law.
Twitter continues to add live sports coverage with an exclusive deal to stream parts of 31 PGA golf tournaments this year. It involves pre-game and the first two holes of each days marquee group. It’s free no login required.
Netflix has commissioned Love Alarm, a 12-part series based on the Korea comic about an app that helps people find love within 10 meters. Jaemoon Lee will produce, set for debut in 2018.
Amazon renewed The Man in the High Castle for a third season. Eric Overmyer, who ran Bosch, will serve as showrunner and executive producer in the third season
Elation's (AT&T subsidiary, Crunchyroll owner) new multi-channel streaming service, VRV, went live. Announced in June. Aggregates premium content from digital networks like Crunchyroll, Nerdist, Rooster Teeth, Tested, RiffTrax, Machinima, and more. Offers a "combo pack" with 8 channels for $10/mo. Focussing on mobile and TV apps first, web player coming later.
A trailer is out for NBC’s Powerless about the people of Wayne Security who protect the people of Charm City from the effects of superhero fights. Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk are in the cast. Premieres February 2.
There's also a trailer out for The Good Fight, a Good Wife spinoff and the first CBS All Access original to premiere on the service, starting February 19.
Hulu released a trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale starring Elizabeth Moss as Offred set to premiere April 26th.

What We're Watching

Front Lines

Amazon’s theater-released movie Manchester by the Sea received a Golden Globe for best actor for the performance by Casey Affleck. The movie comes to Amazon Prime 90 days after release so sometime in late February. Amazon also won for Goliath and Netflix won for The Crown. However NBC blocked the stream from Sling TV, PS Vue and DirecTV Now services.
The Nvidia Shield TV is available for preorder at $200 shipping later this month. It supports Netflix and Amazon 4K HDR, and YouTube, Google Play Movies and Vudu in 4K. An upgrade in the coming months will add Google Assistant as well.
Tong Fang Global introduced 4K TVs under its Westinghouse, Element and Seiki brands, ranging in 4 sizes from 43-inches to 65-inches running Amazon’s Fire TV OS and Amazon Voice Services. Available later this year, no price.
TCL debuted 25 TV models running the Roku OS with HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR. The 50-inch P-series TV will launch for $500 all coming to North America.
Ratings startup SymphonyAM put out its ratings for most popular shows in 2016 based on viewership within the first 35 days after premiere. Ornage is the New Black was tops followed by Big Bang Theory (CBS), Stranger Things, Fuller House and Designated Survivor (ABC).
Netflix just launched a new iOS app for DVD.com which is the part of Netflix that still rents DVDs. About 4.2 million people in the US still rent DVDs from Netflix. Netflix is still seeing quarterly revenues to the tune of $132 million from them.

Dispatches From The Front

Happy Holidays guys! I recently rediscovered your show, and am enjoying it immensely. Quick question, do you have any recommendations for streaming in an RV? Because I don't want to use all of my telephone data in on weekend, and I don't want to watch the same old DVDs. I guess this is more of a internet question, but I figured I would ask the people who knew the most about streaming. If you can offer any help, we would greatly appreciate it.
- Jason

I hope this gets to you before you record for the week.

I just tried to download a couple of shows from Netflix for my ride home on the bus and Netflix told me that I could only download this title one more time before ""December 22, 2017"".

In preparing for a cross country flight before Christmas, I had downloaded a bunch of stuff and didn't watch it. So I deleted it to free up space. Now, I'm learning that you can only download something 3 times a year.

- Tim

Do you guys have a suggestion of a good app to keep track of all the TV shows and movies you want to watch? Every time you guys mention what you're watching, I want to add this somewhere, but I don't have a good hub for this (other than an endless Google spreadsheet, which isn't that convenient), or tracking it on watchlists across multiple apps. If it happened to allow for music too, and maybe notes about why I've added it, that would be amazing. Thanks!

- Tim J

To Brian,Tom, and Bryce:
Enjoyed the KILLIES Show very much! You all had very good choices! Cordkillers is one of my best recommendations for Discovering new shows and movies.
I am especially happy that Tom included the CROWN and DOWNTON ABBEY on his list. I am also an Anglophile and enjoy those kinds of shows too. I normally watch zombies and science fiction, but enjoy History too.
Thanks much! Best Wishes in the New Year!

- Michael K.

Hey Killers... just LOVED The Killies 2016. It would be cool if you guys did it quarterly. Much fun had by all!!

- Dan



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