Blitz Quiz (game)

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Blitz Quiz may also refer to the eponymous Episode 10 of NSFW

Blitz Quiz is a game in which viewers are called to answer trivia quests for their respective teams.

How To Play

Blitz Quiz title card
  • Viewers submit their contact information ahead of time, which are aggregated into a form.
  • Contestants alternate answering questions, picking a viewer to call at their discretion who will compete on their behalf.
  • Upon answering, the viewer is bombarded with the Blitz Quiz bumper and immediately asked their question.
    • If the chosen caller does not answer, it is marked as an incorrect answer for their team.
    • Questions are not to be repeated.
  • Point value for questions may increase incrementally as the game progresses, or may remain 1 point per question.
    • Specialty questions include : swapsies, double points, name a number, break even, hockey rules, basketball rules, rex ryan, and deficit reduction.
    • If a question is answered incorrectly, that point value is detracted instead of negated.
  • Whoever finishes with the most points wins the game.

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