Full Frontal Anonymity

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Full Frontal Anonymity
Number 80
Broadcast Date June 14, 2011
Episode Length 1:16:58
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Andrew Zarian, Julia Nunes

Andrew Zarian is here to participate in Secrets or BS, plus an ALL-NEW game, "Defend Your State". Then later, Julia Nunes comes on to perform her song "Stay Awake".


Opening Video

eHarmony girl likes cats.

Secrets or BS

Chatrealm has submitted stories that are either their deepest darkest secrets or total BS and then the hosts have to guess whether or not they are true.

  • "Camping and the mystery of lost beer"

Around three months back i was on a camping trip with a few mates for the weekend. We trekked out onto the tops, several miles from anyone. There was a stream that ran along side the spot we chose to pitch camp and quickly made use of it to cool some bottles for later. When the sun set an hour or two later, we decided that it was time to check up on our liquid goods, only to find that two were missing - we assumed they had just been poorly placed, simply washed away and we didn’t give it much more thought. When we went back again for another, a bottle was missing once more. A good 30mins later, two other boys come from apparently nowhere asking if we had another beer for them! One of my friends who is actually a guy you wouldn’t really want to mess with, told them to 'rhymes with wiss' off actually hit the first one. Needless to say, they didn’t stick around. The part that makes me feel bad is that they were friends of mine who i had asked to take the beer as a prank in the hopes of scaring my other friends - but the way it ended, i thought better of admitting it to them so denied all knowledge.

Justin- Secret
Brian- BS
Andrew- Secret
Answer- Secret
  • "A band, a bassist and some enhancing drugs"

On a Sunday at noon in the streets of San Francisco, I took a viagra, stripped buck naked and then played bass with my band for a 45 minute set in front of 10's of thousands of people!

Justin- Secret
Brian- Secret
Andrew- Secret
Answer- Secret
  • "A country trip on acid"

One night, after having dropped acid, I was driving home (still under the influence, BAD idea) and suddenly a brick wall appeared in front of my van (I'm not sure if I was tripping or just not being very attentive), and I swerved off the road. This was a rural road (like, REALLY, middle-of-effin'-nowhere rural), so soon after the crash, which I was mostly unaffected by, I just stuck in my car for the rest of the night. I was tripping really badly for most of the night (there were witches running around, which is why I never left my car), but when I came to my senses I realized that my van was flipped on it's GD side. And so I left it there.

Justin- BS
Brian- BS
Andrew- BS
Answer- BS
  • "3D movie experience"

Almost half a year ago (in 4 days, actually) , I went to see Avatar in a small cinema that just upgraded to 3D. I was there with 2 of my friends. After the intermission, we came back with our popcorn & drinks and continued to watch the movie.

Suddenly, during the flying part (when he bonds with big-bird), just as they both were flying towards the screen, an employee that was about to be fired (we learned that later on) came running from behind the screen, and jumped down (the screen is on a small stage) and scared the crap out of everyone in the theater! My friend spilled her drink over the couple infront of us, and one security man ran over to the employee while calling out for more security and tackled him down. Then 3 security guys took him out struggling.

We didn't get a refund, btw... but we got a free ticket to see Avatar again when we want.

Justin- Secret
Brian- Secret
Andrew- Secret
Answer- BS
  • "How is friends babby formed?"

When I was in college, one night after drinking too much, I ended up in bed with the girlfriend of one of my best friends. A couple of months later, I was horrified to learn that she was pregnant. She had the baby, and my friend never found out about the night I spent with his girlfriend. They got married after college, and I lost touch with both of them. This happened over seven years ago, and to this very day I don't know if I am the father, but I was shocked when I looked them up on Facebook and saw a picture of the kid. He looks SHOCKINGLY like I did at that age.

Brian- BS
Andrew- Secret
Answer- BS



Go to Squarespace.com/NSFW for a 14-day free trial.

Defend Your State

Brian, Justin and Andrew are from Texas, Florida and New York respectively; they will be presented with a terrible news story from their home states and they will have to defend themselves and the rest of their home state.

Texas: Texas psychic calls in tip to police because she had visions of a mass grave filled with children. After much digging, she fears reprisals after being proven wrong. link

  • Brian's defense: Texas is very big, plus psychics are frauds and they should die.

Failed defense!

New York: An amateur opera singer gets slapped by a teacher in a flight over Vegan Pad Thai with tofu at Trader Joes. Both retain lawyers. link

  • Andrew's defense: In the wake of 9/11, New Yorkers really need their vegan food and Trader Joe's is a good place to get that and when they are in Trader Joes, they should be able to have slap fights. Also, 9/11.

Successfully defended!

Florida: A Jacksonville teenager dies after drunkenly back-flipping off a bridge. link

  • Justin's defense: Have you ever been to Jacksonville? Of course you would want to jump off a bridge.

Successfully defended!


Pulp Fiction is now on Instant Streaming. This led to an avalanche of Netflix themed Pulp Fiction quotes.

Go to Netflix.com/TWiT for a 1 month free trial.

Summer Music Series

This week's guest tonight has performed with Weezer, Ben Folds, Ben Kweller and last week's guest Andrew Rose Gregory. Her Kickstarter for her new album, which you can get to at http://kck.st/NSFWJulia, is already over 200% funded for very good reason. #chatrealm, please head to YouTube.com/jaaaaaaa and subscribe to Julia Nunes.

New Champion! Woo!

Brian won Secrets or BS

Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • Julia was asked to be ready to go at 10:45 EDT, but the show started late and her appearance was delayed. JammerB reported in the after show that she appeared uncomfortable while waiting.
  • Justin is actually from all three states that had to be defended. He was born in Texas, went to college in New York, and grew up in and currently lives in Florida.


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