His Game Ended Before Its Time

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His Game Ended Before Its Time
Number 2535
Broadcast Date JULY 13, 2015
Episode Length 39:48
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Patrick Beja, Justin Robert Young, Chris Kohler

Patrick Beja and Justin Young talk with Tom Merritt about the passing of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and get some perspective from Wired’s Chris Kohler.



Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata died Saturday at the age of 55 due to a bile duct growth. Iwata worked at HAL laboratory in the 1980s where he worked on Nintendo games like Ballon Fight and EarthBound. He joined Nintendo as GM of Corporate Planning in 2000 and was appointed the 4th ever President of Nintendo in 2002, the first not to come from the founding Yamauchi family.
Ars Technica reports Comcast revealed pricing for 2 Gbps fiber Internet service in the US Residential service will cost $300 a month with fees up to $1,000 for installation and activation. Equipment, taxes and other fees may also be added to the price. And installation may require 6-8 weeks to complete. But hey there’s a promotional price of $159 a month! It is supposed to launch in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, and California this month.
According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, To celebrate the launch of Windows 10 July on 29th, Microsoft will host a number of fan celebrations in 13 cities across the world including: Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, London, Berlin, Madrid, Singapore, Johannesburg, Nairobi, New Delhi, Dubai and NY City. Microsoft will also launch Windows 10 across 110 Microsoft stores in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico with in-store events designed to help customers upgrade. Microsoft is also expanding its list of Microsoft Surface tablet distributors from a couple of hundred to a few thousand world wide. The plans were announced today at Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando.
And another announcement from that partner conference passed along by Mary Jo Foley. Microsoft will launch a new subscription service this autumn called Cortana Analytics suite. Subscribers will get the voice assistant Cortana as a front end to Power BI, Azure Machine Learning, Azure HDInsight (Hadoop on Azure), Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Data Warehouse Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Catalog, Azure Event Hubs, and the face, vision, speech and text analytics pieces of Project Oxford. So there you go enterprise developers. Pricing and licensing to be announced.
The BBC reports that a super computer based at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia is the 7th most powerful computer on the planet. The Shaheen II is a Cray XC40 computer with a peak number-crunching capacity of 5.536 petaflops making it the highest-ranked Middle East system in the 22-year history of the the top 500 supercomputer list and the first to crack the Top 10. The machine is being used for research projects modelling turbulence in engines, atmospheric dynamics, and renewable energy grids.
Hotforsecurity notes Facebook security chief Alex Stamos posted on Twitter this weekend that Adobe should announce an end-of-life date- for Flash in order to disentangle dependencies and upgrade “the whole ecosystem at once.” Adobe has acknowledged three critical vulnerabilities in Flash within the last week.
In a quick followup CSOOnline notes that a DefCon talk about ProxyHam has been canceled and its creator Ben Caudill will only say that the source code and documentation will not be made public and prototypes have been destroyed. ProxyHam was the box that would broadcast Internet up to two miles to hide a user’s actual location.

News From You

Ars Technica reports that four US senators have asked the FCC to gather information on how cable and broadband providers charge their customers. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont noted that only 37% of Americans have more than one option for high-speed broadband providers." The letter was also signed by Senators Elizabeth Warren, Edward Markey and Al Franken, and specifically called out Time Warner Cable pricing arrangements.
Submitted by habichuelacondulce
Comcast will launch a new TV service called Stream, which will offer all broadcast TV networks plus HBO for $15/month streaming on your home broadband connection. Users can view the service on an app for PCs, phones and tablets. Re/code reports the the service will start rolling out in Boston at the end of this summer and come to Chicago and Seattle after that with more markets in 2016.
Submitted by starfuryzeta
Starting this week, in direct response to Amazon, Walmart.com customers can look forward to thousands of discounts on the site, "special atomic deals" and a decreased threshold for free shipping of $35. So basically, BEGUN THE PRICING WARS HAVE.
Submitted by scottierowland


Pick of the Day

TP-Link makes a powerline adapter, that gives you a wired connection wirelessly, from anywhere in your house. The way it works is, you plug one adapter into the outlet by your main router, and run an ethernet cable from the adapter to your router. Then go to the room with your device you want to hook up, and plug in the other adapter to that outlet and run the ethernet cable from the adapter to your device. The adapter runs the internet connection using the electricity in your house, and promises speeds up to 500 MB/s. And for only $38 on amazon, you can't beat the price.
Submitted by Jamie



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