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Night Attack (Live) Album Front Cover

Night Attack (Live) is a live comedy album succeeding the hit Night Attack 2, featuring Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young. It was recorded live in front of audiences at both Nerdtacular 2013 and Dragon Con 2013, mixing styles of personal stories and character pieces.

Email List

The email list for marketing the album is at

Critical Reception

The release date for Night Attack (Live) was not publicly announced until the day of release: 29 October, 2013. Upon release, it was met with approximately 100 5-star reviews, and within the first 24 hours, Night Attack 2 reached #51 on the overall iTunes US albums chart. It also achieved a persistent number 1 on both the US iTunes comedy album charts and the US Amazon comedy charts.

On the week of November 16, 2013 the album was recognized on the Billboard comedy charts, debuting at the #1 position. [1]

Track List

The final track list is:

  1. T.W.I.T Hype Man / Scott Fletcher
  2. Bad Rappin' Hitler
  3. A Frolicking Good Time
  4. Blotter Acid
  5. R.L. Stine
  6. Crotch Rocket (Bonus)
  7. Fat Rick
  8. Star-Struck (Bonus)
  9. Ad Dragon
  10. Ira Sockman
  11. Paul McCartney
  12. Captain Morgan
  13. Vines

Free Tracks

In anticipation to the album's release, the following tracks were made available:

Due to issues with track 5 "R.L. Stine" at release, this premium track was released publicly free of cost.


Jackie Hern created a promo video including some of the Ad Dragon, Ira Sockman, and Captain Morgan tracks:

Fun Facts

  • The original recordings of the album included obnoxious hums and a billion plosives, until the incredibly talented Rob Krekel took it to task.
  • Brandt Hughes cut the album (mostly for pacing and clarity), and designed the cover art.




Preceded by:
"Night Attack 2"
Night Attack (Live)
Followed by:
"Night Attack 3"