Rippity Dee (w/ Aunty Donna)

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Rippity Dee (w/ Aunty Donna)
Number 136
Broadcast Date September 27, 2016
Episode Length 1:19:06
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt, Mark Bonnano, Broden Kelly, Zach Ruane

It's a packed house! Brian, Justin, Tom Merritt and those Aunty Donna boys are all together in the same room in Los Angeles! It gets pretty blue!


Cold Open

GPS tries to kill man.

The Aunty Donna Boys Are Here!

Remember way back in episode 88 when Broden and Zach from Aunty Donna were on the show? Well, this week we have Broden, Zach and MARK from Aunty Donna on the show! That's 50% better!

Tom Merritt is here too!

Loosey-Goosey Chit-Chat Happy Hour

There's no plan for this episode! It's 80 minutes of six dudes goofing around. It's really good. They get distracted and switch topics every thirty seconds, so I'm just gonna go with bullet points for this episode.

Things they talked about more or less in chronological order:
  • The phrase "Rippity Dee"
  • LBJ and John Stossel
  • The spanish-language TV show "La Banda"
  • Racial slurs that Australians use
    • "Wogs" and "Muzzers"
  • "Americaneers"
  • Patreon


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Loosey-Goosey Chit-Chat Happy Hour: Part 2

They're still talkin'!
  • Harambe
    • He's still dead
    • Actually he's working in a 7-Eleven in LA
  • Everyone tweet to @Melborne and say Broden loves them
  • Jackin' stiffies!
    • Mark masturbating with vaseline, a freezer bag, pillows and the kitchen table
  • Broden likes bangin' GIRLS
  • The livestream is basically a cam-site
  • How Aunty Donna met
  • Small American cities
  • Pragueman
  • Mark wants to be cast as "Aquamn"
  • Australia's relationship with New Zealand
  • Carl's Jr. and Hardee's
  • Fake Australian Burger King called Hungry Jack's

Diamond Time

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Loosey-Goosey Chit-Chat Happy Hour: Part 3

The talk don't stop!
  • Fighting with each other
  • The Aunty Donna podcast
    • iTunes reviews
  • What are your browser autocompletes?
    • Broden's autocomplete for "y" is "youjizz"
    • Broden doesn't know you can do incognito mode on a phone


Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "What is the money called in Prague?"
"They just write Czechs." - Tom
  • "Nonna is wog for grandmother." - Mark

Fun Facts

  • There was a dude named "IhateAUNTYDONNA" in the chat
    • It was probably Sam, a dude who writes with Aunty Donna. He was in the chat the last time they were on



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