The Hot Flesh Cantina

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The Hot Flesh Cantina
Number 234
Broadcast Date August 15, 2018
Episode Length 01:18:59
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Strippers, sandstorms, and Mmmbop. A serious(-ish) conversation about Jay. Spanx up the wazoo in The Hot Flesh Cantina.

And don't miss the boys live at Dragon*Con (Aug 30-Sep 3), Scoopfest Vegas (Oct 12-14), and TwitchCon (Oct 26-28)


The Heavy Stuff Up Front

This is not a bit. Jay Brushwood, Brian's brother and beloved guest on shows, is very sick and in the hospital. You can listen to the show for more details of Jay's condition.

Be aware of this, please: Brian, Bonnie, the Brushwoods, and all the family appreciate that you have feelings about this, but please don't make more work for them at this time. Please no texts, no messages, no offers of help, no offers to send anything. Jay is in a great hospital and everything that can be done is being done. Brian et al thank you, but they just don't have the energy to deal with everyone at the moment.

Brian has been updating the situation in this reddit thread.

The only thing you can do, is use the hashtag #HamsForJay.

Viva Last Week's Vegas

Brian and Jason and others from the Scam Stuff crew were in Vegas for DEFCON and Magic Live. Brian spent one evening relaxing in his room and waiting for a Piff the Magic Dragon show to let out that the other people were at. But then Vegas had a dust-laced thunder storm and an emergency alert. Hey it wasn't just Brian, of course, everyone at the show got the alert. When Brian got off the elevator, dozens and dozens of people were in the casino with all their phones playing the same alert tone. Of course it's Vegas, so "business is still happening."

Brian described the surreal scene as a chorus of "phone emergency alert", Hanson's "Mmmm-bop", and the sound of a thousand people not giving a fuck while titty dancers are dancing under fluorescent lights. This proved to be too much for Brian, so he snuck back to the room without greeting Piff.


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This episode's bit leader bit boss was RENAIGU.

Jason Murphy's Surrealist Nightmare

Turns out Jason Murphy has never been to Vegas before, and his first Vegas trip is during DEFCON and while a dust-thunder-storm is happening and MMM-bop is playing and people are dancing under fluorescent lights.

Brian clued us in to the fact that Hanson make all their money now from a beer called "Mmm-hops"

Bonnie Brushwood's Ideal Vegas Experience

There was an exploration of the topic of What would be Bonnie's plan for stripping in Vegas. The ensuring dream scenario involved a club called "The Hot Flesh Cantina", women dancing in silhouette, wearing spanx up the wazoo, with a clientele of mostly women. They're there to see the spanx demonstration. Justin hits on the great idea for affiliate marketing for spanx.

At this point Brian produced what appeared to be one hundred billion dollars in cash which apparently is fake movie money in case they need it for shoots. The bills were explicitly marked "for motion picture purposes only." When it arrived, Bonnie thought perhaps they had a benefactor and their septic tank problems had been solved. Alas, no.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft Minute

Why are we still doing this! See all the details at

Quotes of Notes

  • "Have you seen the movie, Dune? Picture that, that's what's coming" - Brian paraphrasing the dust storm alert.
  • "Sell that fuckin albatross at a price, that seven-acre anchor around your neck. Let's get this money where it's gonna make money baby, the Hot Flesh Cantina" - Justin's business proposal

Fun Facts

  • Bonnie initially called the club "The Hot Flash Cantina" but it quickly morphed into "The Hot Flesh Cantina"
  • During Diamond Time, Brian Justin and Bonnie all expressed distaste for using Facebook.


Preshow & Aftershow

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