Best of Modern Rogue 2019

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Modern Rogue 2019
Number 252
Broadcast Date January 3, 2020
Episode Length 20:34
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy

Forward From Brian

Hot damn, gang. 2019 was a big one. What say we take a moment to wrap our minds around what a huge year this was? Also: yes, that's an Emmy. Yes, a real Emmy. And yes, it was given to me. And no, I didn't earn it. And yes, the story is even better behind it but you'll have to tune in to our comedy podcast Night Attack to hear it.

Fun Facts

  • This video features a few various recordings that previously only existed as Instagram stories or YouTube stories, both of which expired after a short period of time.


First Pass Edit

$5+ patrons

A 41 minute multi-cam view of the unedited episode.



Brian Brushwood: host
Jason Murphy: host
Brandt Hughes: camera operator / editor
John Rael: camera operator / live audio engineer
Rob H. (Rev): first draft of english captioning


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Best of Modern Rogue 2019
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