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Bonearth is the name for a new Earth-like planet which was discovered outside of Earth's solar system in September 2010. In Eight Equals Equals Equals Dee, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, and Andrew Bancroft called dibs. That means it's theirs. Forever.


In the episode Eight Equals Equals Equals Dee, Andrew Bancroft was appointed as the Archduke of the Betternet and the planet was officially named "Bonearth".

  • If aliens threaten the planet, they're taking 4chan with them and will use their power to fight off threats.
  • Residents traveling to Bonearth have to go through a cosmic belt that gives them super powers.
  • Brian, Justin, and Andrew went through first when it was strongest.
  • War has been declared against Space Hitler.
  • The slogan is "Visit Beautiful Bonearth".
  • First rejected as a god, Horseboy was soon after declared the religion.
  • The planetary anthem was originally declared to be "8===D" set to the tune of Communist music, but Andrew created an officially recognized anthem. Bonearth Planetary Anthem
  • Every Thursday ends with a double complete rainbow.

Welcome Video


Bonearth is currently in construction in the video game Minecraft on the "Chatcraft" server maintained by Curley. (Access is restricted to verified Diamond Club members.)

Early Bonearth

Demon5 created this video showing what you can find at Bonearth as of October 17, 2010: