Eight Equals Equals Equals Dee

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Eight Equals Equals Equals Dee
Number 43
Broadcast Date September 29, 2010
Episode Length 49:17
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Andrew Bancroft

Brian, Justin, and Andrew Bancroft shoot out another Compliment Bomb and set up a TV fantasy league before calling dibs on a new planet.


Opening Video

The episode opened with video of a dude dressed as a teenage Japanese chick playing the bass really well. With a hard stop just 45 minutes away, they kick off the show quickly and introduce Andrew Bancroft, their guest for the evening.

After discussing Andrew's projects in his post-Digg Reel life, Brian shows Battle For Milkquarious a video featuring lyrics Andrew wrote.

Compliment Bomb

The Compliment Bombs continue this week with Michael Rooker's pick of Taylors, South Carolina. They picked this article.

However, after going through the signup process on the site, the chat room posters got the message, "Because you are a new commenter, your comment will need to be approved by site staff before appearing on the site."

Fall TV Draft

Next, Brian and Justin announced their fall TV draft at http://drafts.nsfwshow.com/ and invited people to apply for the five remaining open spots.

Press Conference

After the draft promo, they moved on to their "major" announcement. Justin relayed news that a potentially habitable planet near Earth had been discovered. After conferring with their legal council, Justin and Brian with Andrew called dibs!

Andrew was then appointed as the Archduke of the Betternet. The planet is then named "Bonearth". If aliens threaten them, they're taking 4chan with them and will use their power to fight off threats. They then vote that they have to go through a cosmic belt that gives them superpowers on their way to Bonearth...and they go through first when it's strongest. War is then declared against Space Hitler.

Justin offers to send a small stolen Sword & Laser T-shirt to the person to send them the best "Visit Beautiful Bonearth" T-shirt. Horseboy as the god was rejected...just before Andrew dropped off Skype. However, Horseboy was soon after declared the religion. The planetary anthem was declared to be 8===D set to the tune of Communist music...but Andrew came along and created an 8=D anthem on the spot. Andrew's final anthem can be found here.

A caller's suggestion of a 10:1 female:male ratio was rejected.

At the end, Brian put the chat realm in charge of the next episode in which everyone was asked to produce pictures, a flag, currency, or other details for Bonearth.

Every Thursday ends with a double complete rainbow.


New Champion! Woo!

  • Brian, Justin, and Andrew...'cause they got a planet and you ain't got one.

Great Quotes

"I will be on anyone's show. Seriously. Call me up." -Andrew
"That's my life, trying to turn on 15 year olds." -Andrew
"Ladies are gonna love Bonearth." -Andrew
"I forgot what we were talking about. How's that flag coming everybody?" -Andrew


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Fun Facts

  • Brian was traveling home from a show and got home just minutes before the episode was scheduled to start.
  • Despite Brian and Justin saying otherwise, this was not the shortest NSFW ever; it is 3 minutes longer than Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon


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