Brom Brom Brom Prom

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Brom Brom Brom Prom
Number 73
Broadcast Date April 26, 2011
Episode Length 1:04:41
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Brett Rounsaville

The guys use their internationally renowned PR firm to offer some advice to some major tech entities.


Opening Video

Fishstick Sandwich

Disney’s upcoming feature film, "Prom", who are you going with?

Prom fever: Catch it!

Emergency PR

The Rothman Brothers are back to offer some disaster PR advice.

  • Sony

Their Playstation Network got hacked and just about every piece of information any user ever put into their account got stolen.

The guys suggest that they change their slogan to Playstation Network- Eh... and if that doesn't work, play Fishstick Sandwich. Also, they need to focus on what was NOT revealed about them- their dog’s maiden name for example.

  • Lady Gaga

She recently exploded during an interview when she was asked about ripping off Madonna’s Express Yourself.

The guys say "Why are we Weirdly Gaga for Madonna? We were born this way!"

Squarespace Last night Brian had a dream that MarkB was in his room with a wizard hat whispering "blog this". Mark then turned into a skeleton and they had sex. Then Brian wondered how he could possible blog this since he is terrible with HTML. Luckily there is SQUARESPACE!

Now you can learn about his adventure at

Go to for a 14-day free trial.

Summer Movie Update

Finally is a challenger to Brian this week in the Summer Movie Draft with Justin's first movie, Prom (Prom fever: Catch it!).

Brian raises controversy when he mentions that the two highest grossing movies in April weren’t included in the draft. He believes that his April movies suffered because they were dominated by "Hop" and "Rio". However, the numbers don't lie and Brian is WAY ahead of the rest of the competitors with over $100,000,000.

In anticipation for Fast Five vs Prom this weekend, Brian and Justin play the trailers for their respective movies and provide commentary to try and sell their movie. According to Judge Amtrekker, Brian sold his movie the best all thanks to his original song titled "Brumbrumbrumbrum". This song was so popular that he went on to "Brumbrum" the original trailer to Star Wars.


Brett "The Robotrekker" Rounsaville approves of Netflix especially since all of Battlestar Galactica is on Netflix instant streaming.

Go to for a 1 month free trial.

NSFW Summer Music Series

The guys want to start a weekly segment where internet/youtube musicians come on and perform live on NSFW at the end of each show.

So if you have a suggestion for an artist contact them and send an email to [email protected] to get them together and try to work something out.

The current focus is to get the Fishstick Sandwich guy. You can tweet him @RobertBenford

New Champion! Woo!

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