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NSFW Today
Number 72
Broadcast Date April 20, 2011
Episode Length 54:40
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Korey Coleman

Brian, Justin and Korey kick around the tech news of the day along with you and try to make sense of it all.


Opening Video


iOS Location Data

If you have an iPad or iPhone, it has been tracking your location information without your knowledge. Korey likes this because now people can see how many hoes he has in different area codes.

Amazon to Launch Library for Kindle Books

The guys don’t think this is a good idea because libraries are full of homeless people looking at porn and pedophiles looking at kids.

AT&T Announces 39% Increase in Profit

Brian points out that the Verizon iPhone had no effect on AT&T. Korey mentions that he likes AT&T because he can upload pictures of his junk while talking on the phone


Korey loves Netflix because it has kept him out of the library with all of the homeless people and pedophiles.

Go to Netflix.com/TWiT for a 1 month free trial.


This new service looks at your Twitter feed and suggests news stories that you would like.

PSP Go is No More

Sony has stopped making the PSP Go.

Dropbox will Hand Over Your Files to the Feds if Asked

Dropbox has said that, while your files are encrypted, they will hand over your data and the encryption keys to the feds if they ask for them. Korey says that the only thing that he is afraid of being stole is his bank account information. Brian mentions that it doesn’t really matter if someone steals your identity.

Apple Beats Anal-ists Expectations

They said in their quarterly earnings report that they sold every iPad that they could make.


Go to Squarespace.com/NSFW for a 14-day free trial.

Fuse News

  • Reuters is the latest to weigh in on the iPhone 5 speculation. According to 3 random hobos and the chick who works at Denny's, iPhone 5 production begins in July and ships in September. Also: your lumberjack slam is up.
  • Several online poker sites were shut down last week thanks to the FBI and New York law enforcement officials, which meant getting money out of the sites' accounts became difficult. Many players cried and turned to underground cock fighting.
  • Facebook, HP, the OpenStack project and 74 other new organizations have joined the Open Invention Network (OIN). The OIN was founded in 2005 by IBM, NEC, Wade Boggs, Novell, Phillips, Lyndon B. Johnson, Red Hat, Garfield's pesky nemesis Nermel, the Legion of Doom, Ghost Rider the motorcycle riding spirit of vengeance, Ghost WRITER the helpful mystery solving spirit, Sony and Aquaman.
  • Paul Otellini says Intel is building a version of Honeycomb for its processors. This isn't just something Intel is reverse engineering - Google gave it the Honeycomb source code. It also gave them a bootleg copy of Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhall. At first Intel was like, "but isn't this stealing?" but then Google was like "What, are you the cops now?" and then Intel was like, "I guess not." Then they made out
  • Google appears to have maps on the brain. The company introduced Google Earth Builder which is a a new service that will let users build map layers on existing Google Maps. They hope By mixing various layers of Google Maps with liquid starch and white glue, they can make a completely bitchin' google paper mache bust of Vin Diesel. Relatedly:
  • Last week, a vulnerability in Skype for Android could allow sensitive data to be scraped by malicious apps. These malicious apps could then scrape your elbow, causing a nasty gash and, quite possibly, infection. Officials recommend updating your phone and Bactine
  • A Facebook glitch yesterday led to some Facebook users getting inundated with emails telling them about every change to their Facebook pages even if their settings said otherwise. When pressed for comment Facebook replied by emailing you that your slut ex-girlfriend is now friends with your Quote Unquote best friend. Which I am sure means he is taking her to see Prom this Friday. Sure. Watch me care. I seriously don't care. Who cares about them. They are both stupid anyway. Good luck listening to her talk about how HILARIOUS The Real Housewives of Orange County is Tommy. Ugh, you are such a backstabbing hypocrite.


Hey guys,

I just re-listened to the Smodcast-style pre-recorded episode and I thought it was really good. I know at the time the reception wasn't very positive, but looking back on it now, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would not at all be opposed to another episode like this. It was like an aftershow with less youtube videos. I think you guys should consider doing a smodcast style episode every now and then, maybe once every month or two. I'm sure the rest of Chatrealm wouldn't mind as long as it is recorded live. (Plus you guys can go from very little show-prep to ZERO show-prep; just get on and talk!)

I love the show,


New Champion! Woo!

Great Quotes

"We were on the road in what appears to be the pacific north-east." -Brian talking about New Jersey

Fun Facts

  • They covered the same news stories as the TNT episode from that day.
  • Tom Merritt called this episode "the highest quality NSFW Show yet." He had to stop playing Portal 2 to watch the show and was later pulled away after trying to play again when Brian called him to talk about it. What a jerk.


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