Calliope Brushwood

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Calliope's first live stream (12/18/2012 11:15pm CST)

Calliope Dafnay Brushwood is the 3rd daughter to Brian and Bonnie Brushwood. She was born December 18th, 2012.

Fun Facts

  • Her full name was revealed by Penny during the ScamPack packing live stream. Nobody paid attention to this until Cheeto found it on the recording.
  • Her first name was not officially revealed until she was born and her second name was not officially revealed until episode 158.
  • During episode 126, Chatrealm was asked to submit name ideas for the baby. The name "Calliope" was the 4th submission and mentioned at 15:37 into the show. (It was suggested by Giggleloop, whose birthday is also December 18th!)
  • As a "working" name for the baby Chatrealm went with "Bobo Brushwood" the 53rd submission and a name mentioned during the show. You can see the full list of names here.
  • In Brian's ScamStuff IndieGogo campaign, the person who bought the $10,000 perk was allowed to choose the baby's name. The perk went unclaimed.

Note: Due to the fact Calliope is a minor, no further information or photos should be added without explicit written permission from Brian or Bonnie.