Cannata Dome

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Cannata Dome
Number 58
Broadcast Date January 11, 2011
Episode Length 1:06:52
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Jeff Cannata

NSFW gets some special reports about the Verizon iPhone, Brian shows what got cut from his CES coverage, and Jeff Cannata helps the guys decide who would win in the Cannatadome.


Opening Video

Boogie Boogie Hedgehog

Verizon iPhone FACTS

The Verizon iPhone is finally here! So the guys have some breaking news.

iPhone FACTS:

  • It flies
  • Has lasers
  • Gives you a beard
  • Has an umbrella
  • Will pity you
  • Will roll your dice
  • Free-bases your crack

Sponsor: Ford SYNC

There is a big problem: alcoholism. Right next to that though, is doing things while you drive. Thanks to the Ford Sync you don't have to worry about the second one.

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What Got Cut From the CES Coverage

There are some segments of Brian's coverage that didn't make the final cut for the TWiT Special.

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This time, TV characters are going head to head.

  • First Round
Archie Bunker vs. Mr. Bean
They have to watch two girls one cup and then write an essay about it.

Winner Mr. Bean

  • Second Round
Willow Rosenberg vs. KITT
They have to find the source of the dead birds

Winner KITT

  • Third Round
Adam Savage vs McGyver
They have to submit to Satan and kill themselves

Winner' Adam Savage

  • Fourth Round
River Tam vs. Dixon Hill
They face off in a soul train style dance off

Winner Dixon Hill

Sponsor: Squarespace

Cannatadome continues

  • Fifth Round
Mr. Bean vs. KITT
They have to ride with Jason Statham to help him deliver a package in a private jet.

Winner KITT

  • Sixth Round
Dixon Hill vs. Adam Savage
They compete in a demolition derby with the daughter from Rosanne.

Winner Dixon Hill

  • Final Round
Dixon vs. KITT
They have to create a Japanese pop hit

Winner BOTH! Dixon stood on KITT's hood and sang a mash-up as they drove off into the sunset.

Ending video: Jean-Luc Picard (Rave Edit)

Blooper: Picard's Turquoise Jeep

105.9 The Cat

Over at they have added a new "Safe for Penny" radio station called "105.9.5 The Puppy".

New Champion! Woo!

  • Dixon Hill and KITT

Great Quotes

"That is the worst sentence I have ever said in my life, and I wish I hadn't said it." -Jeff Cannata

Fun Facts


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