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Cinematalkraphy cover art
Hosted by Roberto Villegas,
Brandt Hughes
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 39
Runtime Varies by type
Editor(s) Brandt Hughes
Distributor CosmicRadioTV
Original Run March 17, 2014 - Present

Cinematalkraphy is a podcast hosted by both Roberto Villegas and Brandt Hughes. They record audio commentary tracks that can be synced with various movies, and occasionally discuss recent films with fresh out of theater reactions.

"We watch movies with you, so you don't have to!"


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There are generally four types of Cinematalkraphy episodes, differing in both length and format.

1. Analysis
These are the most rare, as they take the most time to create. They're deconstruction pieces under 30 minutes, detailing the art of film.
2. Recommendations
Quick pitches on easily accessible films that you might have missed, but are worth the watch.
3. Discussions
The backbone of Cinematalkraphy, usually fresh out of theater reactions from Brandt and Roberto.
4. Commentaries
The original Cinematalkraphy concept, full-length commentaries meant to be paired with the film they discuss.

Fun Facts

  • Like My So Called 8bit Life, Cinematalkraphy was originally planned to release episodes once every two weeks. Although the shift to once per week stemmed from Brandt's discomfort with time delaying episode releases.