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Darren Kitchen (born 11 February, 1983) is best known as the creator of Hak5 which he currently hosts with Shannon Morse. Darren has been exploring underground scenes since his first 1200 baud modem. He first found technolust after writing a BBS dialer in BASIC on a PC-XT. Since then he has made a career of his self-taught tech skills in the field of Systems Administration. After founding Hak5 in 2005 he has become fascinated with new media. Darren also pwns you in Unreal Tournament.

Until early 2010, the podcast was hosted out of his home near Williamsburg, Virginia, nicknamed "the hakhouse".

Move to San Francisco

In early 2010, Darren went on vacation to Europe and returned to find that he and some co-workers were laid off from his "real job". Darren started selling off his belongings on Craigslist and will be taking a several-week-long road trip across the country on his motorcycle. He will move to San Francisco and concentrate on making podcasts.