Shannon Morse

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Shannon wearing an shirt on Hak5

Shannon Morse (born November 18, 1985) is one of the hosts of Hak5 on Revision3. She is also a fan of hacking, video games, anime, and cosplaying...not to mention Brian Brushwood and Scam School.

With a life long aspiration for theater and love of technology Shannon Morse began her journey in the world of New Media and Podcasting in 2005. Once graduated from Missouri State University in May of 2008 and able to escape her hometown, Shannon found her way to the East Coast as a co-host for Hak5.

It was announced that Hak5 would be joining Revision3 right before a live Diggnation in Brooklyn back in June 2008. Shannon and the rest of the Hak5 crew were present. Brian performed that same night and his performance became the Special Edition: Brian's Bizarre New York Magic Show (Part 1) and Special Edition: Brian's Bizarre New York Magic Show (Part 2) episodes of Scam School.

Shannon dressed as Sailor Mars

When Brian spewed fire on Sailor Mars for The Chibi Project, Shannon replied with horror on Twitter because she has cosplayed as Sailor Mars.

Shannon joined TWiT in 2012 and produces Before You Buy. She later became a host of Tech News 2Night and Coding 101.