Debit Daddy

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Debit Daddy
Number 39
Broadcast Date August 30, 2010
Episode Length 1:00:30
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Andrew Mayne, Brett Rounsaville

This week, Andrew Mayne and Brett Rounsaville join the show to find out what will happen at the upcoming NSFW live show at Dragon*Con.


After starting late due to Brian and Justin doing a live stream about Brian's upcoming Halloween Horror Nights stage show, there were technical difficulties in trying to get Brett's video straightened out. They had to put him on Oovoo, but later switched to Google Chat. But Brett had to get the video from the TWiT stream which was about 8 second behind.

Opening video

Brian play a video of Brian Austin Green dancing on the old TV show, 90210.

House Cleaning

They talk a bit about last weeks episode, and the fictional siblings of Mark Zuckerberg. Turns out, they weren't as fiction as they once believed; Mark actually does have a sister named Randi, and she is a very nice girl whom we should leave alone.


AKA Recycling Old Material

The play the game YouBooze which was also featured on Episode3

1.Claire playing Duck Hunt

  • Justin- love in the username- Drink
  • Brett- Complete sentences- Safe
  • Andrew- All caps- Safe
  • Brian- Racism- Drink

2.Beaver Costume Scare Fail

(there were only three comments on this video)

3.Credit MacDaddy Local Bad Commercial

  • Andrew- Racism- Safe
  • Brian- Timecode- Drink
  • Justin- Last 3 comments in the last 12 hours- Drink
  • Brett- All caps- Drink

WINNER: Andrew


Although not selected as the winner in this episode, this turned out to be the most accurate Adobeshop prediction

AKA Recycling Old Material Pt. II

They play a game that originated in the BBLiveShow where the Chatrealm is given a subject prior to the show, and they have to make Adobeshops about said subject. The hosts then judge them live on the show, and crown a winner. This week's subject was what will happen to Brian and Justin at Dragon*Con next week.

All of the Adobeshops from this episode can be found here

None... it seems that they have learned their lesson.

New Champion! Woo!

Sávio Palmerston, who made these three adobeshops.

Great Quotes

"I own Spiderman underwear and I fly for free." -Brett

Fun Facts

  • "Ramtrekker" and "PMtrekker" were first used in this episode
  • With Cat Trash Fever airing late on the previous Wednesday and this episode on a Monday, this was the new record for the shortest amount of time between episodes of NSFW. This new record would soon be broken by the live Dragon*Con show just four days after this episode.


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