Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon

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Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon
Number 40
Broadcast Date September 3, 2010
Episode Length 46:48
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Veronica Belmont

Brian and Justin are joined by Veronica Belmont in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE from Dragon*Con!

Live Stream

Live Stream was a complete failure but was saved by the superhuman that is Jammerb by entertaining the Chat Realm with everyone's favourite videos:

Between these hits, there was 1fps live stream of Brian & Justin in Dragon*Con, possibly due to hotel internet.


Not My Line

Brian and Justin explained their plans for their “Not My Line” world record attempt. Their idea was to have celebrities come to the live NSFW show and quote lines from movies, TV shows, comic books etc. that they were not a part of. The Chatrealm spent all night tweeting celebrities that were going to be at Dragon*Con to try and get them to come, but nobody showed up. Luckily, Brian and Justin planned ahead and found the celebrities themselves and recorded them saying a line, which they played during the live show. However, they hadn’t given up yet, they encouraged the Chatrealm to continue contacting celebrities through the weekend to get them to record a video of them saying a line and e-mail it to Brian and Justin to put into one big video.

Dragon Con*undrums

AKA Recycling Old Material Brian, Justin and Veronica will solve the problems of audience members, just like in Episode 36.

1. His Dragon Con roommate won’t wear fur, yet got a fur tail on their BDSM/furry costume.

2. He bought tickets to the Georgia aquarium, but it conflicts with Brian’s live stage show.

  • Brian- Recap
  • Veronica- Aquariums are everywhere, but there is only one Brian Brushwood
  • Justin- Ditch the fish bro

3. Her cat is always peeing in her shoes

  • Brian- Recap
  • Veronica- Get a new cat
  • Justin- Throw the cat as far as you can. And then when you're done driving to where it landed, throw it again.

4. Murphy1d can see the Invisible Wife

5. He was using his iPhone all day and it just died before the show.

Geek Fighter

They picked two players from the audience (Bill Meeks and Jack Powell) to pick costumed audience members from the audience. The hosts will then debate over which character would win in a fight.

  • Bill picks “Alien”
  • Jack picks “Quailman”

Justin argues that since “Alien” scared Veronica earlier, just imagine what he would do to “Quailman”

Brian doesn’t know what “Quailman” can do

Veronica rules that “Alien” wins!

Look at that horse...

Justin argues that clearly the “Debit Daddy” would beat the “horseboy”

Brian says a combination of the “Look at My Horse” and the “It may in fact be a moth” memes.

Veronica enjoys a good inside joke (Debit Daddy), but the “Horseboy” wins.


“Alien” vs. “Horseboy”

Before the debate begins, the characters dance and make out.

  • Justin argues that “Alien” beat “Quailman” and he has a BDSM collar
  • Brian argues that the Internet is better than “Alien”
  • Veronica puts it to the jury (the audience, not Justin) and they choose “Horseboy”

Winner: Jack Powell and “Horseboy”


Jeremy from Atlanta asks, “What was your biggest fail while trying to scam people?”

  • Brian- He has failed so many times that he doesn’t even feel it anymore, but he had fruit thrown at him after a show in West Virginia.
  • Veronica- She has never failed.
  • Justin- Hes has heard good things about Scam School and he looks forward to watching it.

New Champion! Woo!

  • JammerB for salvaging the live broadcast.

Great Quotes

"Get with the yiffing!" -Veronica

Fun Facts

  • The "Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon" title is a reference to Dragon Face: Face of a Dragon.
  • Patrick Delahanty and his friends Sketch and Jackie had signs that said "BUT CUBA", "GTFO", "TPIA", and "DIAF". Although "DIAF" was held up during the show, Brian did not put it on camera.
A shockingly accurate prediction!
  • Patrick ordered the horse mask more than a month before Dragon*Con. The Adobeshop prediction that he submitted for the Debit Daddy episode was created with this secret in mind.
  • Justin danced as the Horseboy after the show.
  • With Debit Daddy recorded live on Monday of this week, this was the shortest time between episodes and the only time that two NSFW episodes have been recorded in the same week.
  • Although the episode's broadcast was plagued by connection issues, Brian later rebroadcast the episode on a loop from his hotel room while he went out with Justin, Bonnie, Chad, Patrick, and others to explore the convention. The episode was also rebroadcast by TWiT on September 7th during NSFW's normal timeslot.
  • At 46 minutes and 48 seconds, this is the shortest NSFW episode so far, beating Butt Cuba by nearly 7 minutes.






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