Dog Saves Doll, Revered as Hero

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Dog Saves Doll, Revered as Hero
Number 110
Broadcast Date January 17, 2012
Episode Length 1:06:42
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Scott Sigler

Back from their one week break from NSFW, legendary sci-fi writer Scott Sigler is here as they walk through a choose your own adventure story and then they come up with a story that Scott will turn into an actual short story.

The day that this episode was recorded was also the birthday of Brian, Brett Rounsaville and JammerB.


Opening Video

TWiT Hype Man (Censored)

Choose Your Own Adventure

Since we have an amazing author on the show, the guys went through this very interesting choose your own adventure story.


Go to and use the offer code "NSFW1" for a 14-day free trial.

Beam Up on Aisle Five

In an attempt to further capitalize on Scott's talent, Brian, Justin and the Chatrealm are going to come up with characters, location and conflict, then Scott will write an ACTUAL short story based on what they come up with.

  • Title
    • Beam Up on Aisle Five: The Grapes of the Wrath of Khan
  • Characters
    • Hero- Rabbi Joseph Manischewitz
    • Sidekick (The Muscle)- Brock Sockman
    • Lady- Carnie Powers
    • Victim- President John Khan
    • A really nasty person who may or may not be the villain- Chad LaTilton
  • Setting
    • The Walmart in the space station "New Hoboken"
  • Conflict
    • Since it's the future, our food is so clean that our bodies are very susceptible to bad food. When President John Khan goes into the Walmart and eats a few grapes, we find out that the grapes were sabotaged and his body turns into a liquid.

Scott Sigler Pimping

Scott Sigler is awesome. He has written a ton of great sci-fi books and short stories that you should stuff in your brain. Go to his site, and buy his books, you seriously can't go wrong. You can also pre-order his book Nocturnal.

Seventeen minutes and twelve seconds into the show, Scott Sigler defused a nuclear missile while still participating on the show. He did it with his toes. He has crazy monkey-toes. He can climb trees and use crescent wrenches to disarm bombs. It's wild. If you ever saw him barefoot, you'd probably scream and run away.

Twenty-three minutes and six seconds into the show, Scott solved the cold fusion problem, but then Justin made him snort champagne onto the paper when Justin said "Hey ... mistah ... " for like the fucking twentieth time. The nose-launched champagne blurred the equation. Thanks to Justin, humanity now is deprived of the ultimate solution to the energy problem. Thanks a lot, Justin.

Forty-one minutes and twenty-four seconds into the show, Scott killed an ogre. It was rad. This ogre was going to kidnap the princess, which is all between the ogre and the princess, right? That ain't Scott's business. But then the ogre started talking shit. He started talking all gangsta, like he was going to go through Scott to get to the princes, when Scott had already had the princess (a couple 'a times, ba-da-boom!) and could really give a crap about that royal skank. The ogre was all like, "Gonna bust you up!" and Scott was all like, "Go for it." After pausing for a moment so both of them could raise their fist to the sky in honor of the greatness that is Rocky III, they went at it. Scott kicked the ogre's ass. It was sick. Sick, this wiki tells you. Scott pulled out the ogre's liver and slapped the ogre in the face with it. Then the princess was all like, "I never wanted him anyway, let's screw!" and Scott was all like "back off, you skank, I have a show to finish."

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Therefore this article gets the amtrekker medal of awesome


Go to for a 1 month free trial.

Belt Winner

Great Quotes

  • "I'm pretty sure we can score some meth off the sheep." -Scott
  • "Yeah if you want to get my bone to travel you don't have to work too hard." -Justin

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