English Vernacular

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English Vernacular
Number 208
Broadcast Date December 10, 2013
Episode Length 1:09:47
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tay Allyn

This week, Old John Smokey reveals that he is a total douche and fakes his own death, then Tay Allyn stops by to talk about her new video Clean Ma Room.


Opening Video

Justin is Leo's Daddy

Get Well Old John Smokey

Everyone's been talking about it for the past week, and as you probably know, Old John Smokey has fallen sick and is in critical condition. Get well buddy.

Sup Bros

Bri Bri and the Jurbs are the Sup Bros, and they're here to improve the news.

Texas Man Pulls Sword, Demands Tacos

James Denzel - "I… just… came"


What did Barack Obama NOT do this past week?

  • Take a selfie at the funeral of Nelson Madela
  • Warmly shake the hand of Raul Castro
  • Marshall the might of the sea to defeat the villainous Black Manta


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Dead John Smokey

During the show, the news came out that world renown jazz musician Old John Smokey had passed away. Brian and Justin had eulogies prepared and read them with tears streaming down their eyes. Fans from all over the world called into the show to tells us what Old John meant to them, and where they were when they found out that he had died.

His family has asked that you send your condolences over Twitter using the hashtag #DeadJohnSmokey


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Long Live Old John Smokey

Old John Smokey called in to refute the rumors of his death. Turns out he just faked his death. Screw that guy!

Tay Allyn

Tay Allyn is here to show off her new song/music video "Clean Ma Room". You can tweet out your reaction to the video using the hashtag #DeadJohnSmokey.


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Belt Winner

Great Quotes

  • "Indiana Man Pulls Whip, Demands Idol" - Justin
  • "He was such a good… man?" - Tay Allyn
  • "Tay, do you consider yourself the next "one of those Tupac guys"?" - Justin
  • "It turns out that english vernacular would have been the way to go." - Tay Allyn

Fun Facts

  • The "DeadJohnSmokey" bit was inspired by the news that Tom Merritt would no longer be at TWiT after December 2013.
  • The "Thanks Obama" audio clip that Justin played in this episode comes from this video featuring former NSFW guest Robert Benfer.
  • In the aftershow, Justin reffered to the #DeadJohnSmokey bit as "Chekhovs Ill Blues Musician". If you introduce him in the first bit, he has to die in the second bit.
  • Near the end of the Clean Ma Room video, you may or may not be able to see Tay Allen's nipple. This gave rise to the phrase "Tay 3:39".





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