Fire Eating Part 2: Advanced Vapor Tricks!

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Fire Eating Part 2: Advanced Vapor Tricks!
Number 221
Broadcast Date June 6, 2012
Episode Length 13:19
Hosts Brian Brushwood
Guests Anthony Carboni, Veronica Belmont, Andrew Bancroft, Max Scoville

In part two of Brian's fire eating lesson, our Revision3 hosts learn one of the advanced moves that makes fire eating look super badass! Watch Max Scoville, Anthony Carboni, Veronica Belmont, and Andrew Bancroft attempt the vapor trick. Remember: Do not try this at home - it's for professionals only!

Revision3 Summary

More fire eating from your favorite Revision3 hosts and experience fire-eater, Brian Brushwood! WARNING: Just a friendly reminder that the ONLY safe way to learn fire eating is under the personal training of an experienced professional. Do not try this at home!


Next Week

Don't forget to join us next week because we're gonna learn how to make homemade hooch with vinegar, a 9-volt battery and a couple of those zinc tablets. It will be horrific... and won't get you drunk- that's the most important part.

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Fire Eating Part 2: Advanced Vapor Tricks!
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