Found It

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Found It
Number 113
Broadcast Date February 7, 2012
Episode Length 55:36
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Brett Rounsaville

This week Brian and Justin offer advice to Brett Rounsaville on his new app, Justin is confronted with a mystery texter and then BRUMBRUM-A-PALOOZA!


Opening Video

The Unicorn And the Dolphin

Why Does Justin Hate Lana Janko?

Just before the show, Justin got a text from an unknown person asking him why he is harassing "Lana Janko". Of course, Justin has no idea who Lana Jenko is. Then the plot thickened when Lana Janko herself texted Justin. Unfortunately the mystery was solved when Lana told Justin that they had the wrong number.

Despite this mystery being solved, you can still follow Lana on Twitter, @LanaJanko

SpyQueue Disneyland

Brett has created an app that helps you out when waiting in line at Disneyland. It has pictures of a ton of hidden objects of that you can search for while at Disneyland and then it will give you some fun facts about said objects.

Of course, being great friends, Justin and Brian have some suggestions to make the app better.

Some ideas for achievements
  • Maybe this is a good time to talk about how your father died
  • Stare for 20 seconds at the person directly behind you in line
  • Pinch the butt of the girl in front of you and then blame the ghost of Rosa Parks
  • Get in the background of other people's family videos and ruin the moment for them
  • Pretend to lose your child and make a scene.

More ideas
  • Embarrassing facts about foreign countries at Epcot
    • Norway is currently facing a massive dairy shortage
    • Italian PM, Silvio Berlusconi, recently resigned because he was caught paying for sex with a 15-year-old, Ruby the Heart Stealer
    • Morocco- Ruby the Heart Stealer is from Morocco
  • Funny Animal Kingdom lines
    • "Hopefully THIS one doesn't give me crabs!"


Go to for a 2-week free trial and then use offer code: NSFW2 for a discount on your order.


A few days before the show, the newest trailer for "The Amazing Spiderman" was released. (Watch it here. To help get people excited Brian "BRUM BRUMd the trailer. Brian made it quite clear that he is not at all looking forward to this movie.

Inspired by his first performance, Brett and Justin demanded that Brian also BRUM BRUM the new Avengers trailer.

Belt Winner

Great Quotes

"BRUMBRUMBRUMBRUM hey, the hulk." -Brian

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