Future Scam School SNEAK PEEKS!

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Future Scam School SNEAK PEEKS!
Number 5
Broadcast Date February 11, 2013
Episode Length 4:33
Hosts Brian Brushwood


After shooting a month's-worth of Scam School episodes, Brian takes you on a quick tour of what you can expect over the next 4 weeks.


Viewer Question 01 - Behind The Scam School

Brian responds to a viewer who wants some behind the scenes goodness from Scam School.

Behind The Scenes

Now with cameo appearances from Jon Tilton and Roberto Villegas!

Footage comes from the following episodes:

Great Quotes

  • Brian - "I'm out here to talk at a big-ass conference. That's... a big-ass, conference. Not a big, ass-conference. That would be an entirely different thing all together."

Fun Facts



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Future Scam School SNEAK PEEKS!
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