Fuzzy Wonder Goat

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Fuzzy Wonder Goat
Number 85
Broadcast Date December 31, 2012
Episode Length 1:33:53
Hosts Andrew Mayne, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

ANDREW returns! We finally get our update on The Snuggery! Will our intrepid reporter unleash a b-dog on this poor woman? Mayne tells us of a hilarious run-in with a legendary magician. The boys peruse a vintage catalogue of hazing devices. We review our predictions of 2012 and make new ones for 2013. It’s a DOUBLE STUFFED edition of the Weird Things Podcast!


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Snuggery Update

Nearly two months earlier, the guys discussed an establishment in Rochester, New York called "The Snuggery". There, customers can pay to snuggle with other people. Since then, Weird Things listener, John D. went to The Snuggery and has made a report of his finding.

He made sure to first state that he had nothing sexual in mind when he made the appointment. When he arrived at the location, he was met outside by the owner where they went over the rules. They headed into the loft and he was allowed to change into the pajamas that he brought and when the "snuggerist" came in, she turned on some strangely ominous instrumental music. They began the spooning and did the obligatory small talk. After a while, the talk died down and silence fell. At this point some things began to "rise" if you get my drift. However, John reports that "the flag was only at half mast". Once the session ended, he gave her the money and they went their separate ways. This is not some type of front for a prostitution ring.

Masonic Hazing Devices

Andrew got a tour through the museum of a Las Vegas magician named David. This guy is a fairly prolific performer so he has a giant collection that took a few hours to get through. Along the way, David did a few tricks for the group and during one, he collapsed a chair that Andrew was sitting upon. Turns out that this is a sort of a "hazing chair" that magicians use on their friends.

While Andrew was doing some research for one of his books, he stumbled upon a catalog full of a ton of Masonic hazing paraphenalia that contains the very chair that collapsed beneath Andrew. You really need to check this catalog out, there are illustrations and everything. CLICK HERE NOW!


A year ago in the episode Serial Killer Christmas Card, the guys made predictions for 2012. In this episode, they reviewed their past predictions and made new predictions.

2012 Predictions

  • Andrew: Commercially available 3D printers for under $1,000
    • Correct
  • Brian: We will discover an Earth-sized planet in the "Goldilocks Zone"
    • Close enough
  • Justin: Politicians will use the internet and social media more to talk to the public.
    • Boring and wrong.

2013 Predictions

  • Brian: A comet will pass by Earth and be brighter than the full moon. (55:19)
  • Andrew: The United Launch Alliance will announce plans for a reusable rocket system to compete with SpaceX. NASA will have plans for new manned missions. China will try to adopt similar strategies to SpaceX to keep up. (1:01:07)
  • Justin: A major phone supplier (Samsung, Apple etc.) will offer a phone that is not meant to be kept in your pocket. (1:02:40)

Warp Drive

After the recording ended, Andrew brought up a quote from Elon Musk talking about the possibility of a warp drive.





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