Unlimited Snake Murder

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Unlimited Snake Murder
Number 86
Broadcast Date January 7, 2013
Episode Length 1:09:33
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Tom Merritt

Tom Merritt is our substitute Mayne this week. A Brazilian prison is part of an elaborate escape plan with an unlikely partner in crime. A police department in Florida is ensconsed in a cloud of technological suffication to the detrimite of car owners. Can a brand new pair of detectives named Hobo McGillicutty and Timetraveler Jones solve the case? Also: Snake murder is the order of the day in South Florida! Python death up to your knees! It’s all coming up on a new Weird Things podcast!


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The New Adventures of Hobo McGillicutty and Time Traveler Jones

There is a mystery down in old Brazil, that requires the services of a strange pair of detectives. The detectives are time-traveler, "Hobo McGillicutty" (Tom) and homeless man, "Time Traveler Jones" (Brian).

In a Brazilian prison there are some prisoners escaping and none of the prison officials know how. They have ruled out the use of power tools, but it appears that they were somehow getting a hold of some basic home improvement tools like saws and drills. The tools were smuggled into the prison, however they weren't smuggled "inside" anything and they didn't come in through the front door. Now I know what you're thinking, but they did NOT train birds to drop the tools into the prison.

Back in reality there lived a cat at this Brazilian prison that was friendly toward the inmates and routinely went between the prison and the homes of the families of the inmates. Early on New Years Eve, the cat was caught by guards trying to get back into the prison with all sorts of tools and gadgets strapped to its body.

Hobo and Time Traveler, "Time Traveler" and "Hobo" Are Back on the Case

Citizens who park within a mile the police department in Hollywood, Florida are unable to use the keyless entry system for their cars. Immediately the guys think that there is some piece of equipment inside the police department that is blocking or disrupting the signal. According to reports, we can rule out the possibility of wizards, warlocks, Gandalfs, and Sasquatches being the cause of this particular mystery. Hobo and Time Traveler were about to give up, when at the last minute, Hobo came up with the idea that maybe there was a pirate radio station. This was in fact the case. Authorities found out that there was a pirate radio station broadcasting from the roof of a bank a block from the police station.

Floridians Be Murderin' Snakes!

An Arkansas family was vacationing in Florida when a giant 17 foot-long python snuck up on their lovely family picnic.

Pythons are an invasive species and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is putting on the 2013 Python Challenge. This is a month-long event in which they will pay $1,500 to the person who kills the most pythons, and $1,000 to the person who kills the longest python. If you want to compete, or just find more information, go to PythonChallenge.org

The Weird Things fellas will be sponsoring one person to enter into the Python Challenge. In just two sentences, without using the letter "e", email [email protected] why Weird Things should sponsor you to take part in Python Challenge.





Great Quotes

  • Justin: "In 150 years, 'cashew juice' is slang for having sex with your mother."
  • Brian: "Am I the only dog dressed up as a cop trying to solve this mystery?"

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