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Video Game Analyst

Glenn Rubenstein (born March 2, 1976) was the producer and co-host of Shut Up and Play.


Glenn has a background in journalism contributing to Wired Magazine, GameSpot, CNET, X-Play, and more. He is the author of Sports Gamer: The Best In Sports Video Games. Glenn is also known for writing and directing Lonelygirl 115. Prior to his inclusion into TWiT, Glenn co-hosted the nationally syndicated On Computers radio show with Leo Laporte and Gina Smith from 1993 to 1995. He then went on to found and serve as the front-man of the rap-pop-rock group Headboard with fellow video-game journalist Jeff Gerstmann, who still remains friends.

In May of 2011, Glenn co-hosted the preemptive At The Controls with Brian Brushwood and Tom Merritt. Beta episodes of At The Controls lasted until late September 2011, at which time the show was cancelled to endure the reworking that resulted in the branching of a more polished entertainment format in Game On! and a more comprehensive LAN format in Shut Up and Play...of which Glenn was producer and co-host.

In January 2013, Glenn became a full-time TWiT employee. He left TWiT in 2016.


Fun Facts

Stage presence!
  • Glenn's time spent writing and recording music for Headboard is the source of his sometimes over-aggressive hand gesturing.
  • Glenn is quoted as once calling himself a super jew and saying, "I've got mad menorah up in this bitch." The context is no longer clear why. [1]
  • It became a running gag on Game On! that Glenn would always introduce himself as, "Hi, I'm Glenn Rubenstein, the producer and co-host of Shut Up and Play."
  • If you drank every time Glenn gave his Twitter name during At The Controls or early episodes of Shut Up and Play, you would die.

Notable Appearances