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The TWiT Gaming Show (eventually referred to as At The Controls or ATC) was a video gaming podcast hosted by Tom Merritt, Glenn Rubenstein, and Brian Brushwood. The show covered video game news, retro gaming, had occasional guest interviews, and eventually planned to have a LAN gaming segment.

The show ran in beta episodes starting on May 6, 2011 and aired on Fridays after Tech News Today at around 7:00 pm ET (4:00 pm PT).

Show Name

In the first episode, a lot of names were pitched. One of them, "At The Controls" was suggested by Glenn because he owned the domain, but the others on the panel weren't too keen on it and decided to keep looking. Starting with at least the third episode, Glenn started using the name to refer to the show even though it was not an official name.

Some members of Chatrealm, while liking the concept of the show, were not too keen on the name. A Google Moderator page was set up to try and find a more appealing name before "At The Controls" became permanent. However, Glenn was committed to the name and said it had backing from Leo, so it was clear there was no intention of changing it, but Glenn said that "TWiT Arcade", one of the top suggestions from Google Moderator, would be used for the eventual LAN gaming segment.


The show never made it past "release candidate". On September 23, 2011, Tom Merritt and Glenn Rubenstein announced the show was cancelled. The show would be re-worked into a pre-show for a LAN party show. Two unnamed hosts would do a short intro and then the LAN party would start. That show evolved into Game On! as hosted by Brian Brushwood and Veronica Belmont, and the LAN party became Shut Up And Play as hosted by Glenn.

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