Improvising a PVC Bow

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Improvising a PVC Bow
Number 128
Broadcast Date July 6, 2018
Episode Length 30:29
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
A Diablo-style readout of Groknar's Revenge, included with a stat breakdown.


Stone Age. Bronze Age. Iron Age. PVC Age.

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Reference Material


  • While the guys mention how bad it is for the PVC to be over-heated, they neglect to mention how dangerous the fumes that could result are. Don't overheat PVC!
  • Files are only designed to be used one way, despite Brian using it back and forth.
  • The top and bottom tip of the bow should have been bent away from the user to more efficiently utilize the potential energy of the bow.


At 24:20, Jason releases an arrow at the newly-introduced DAVE, who reflects the arrow back at Jason's hand that is holding the bow. It is only a superficial injury, but does manage to break the skin. The counter is reset at 21 days.

For more on injuries, check out Modern Rogue Injuries.

Full Episode

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Fun Facts

A rundown of known information about DAVE.
  • This episode features the introduction of Groknar and DAVE.
  • The censor blips in this episode are radio static.
  • This episode features a rare instance of off-camera dialogue being integrated into the edit.
  • This is one of a couple episodes where Charles Gross did audio engineering in post-production.
  • Brian tweeted at the end of this shoot about the effectiveness of the bow.

Great Quotes

  • Brian Brushwood, "If it's online, it's true." ⁽¹⁾
  • Brian Brushwood, "We can always make it more bendy, right? But we can't bring it back to circular. Confucius said that." ⁽²⁾
  • Jason Murphy, "Groknar like to hunt. Groknar like to eat. Groknar like to shake his ass to trap music." ⁽³⁾



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Improvising a PVC Bow
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