Jiggle Dem Bits

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Jiggle Dem Bits
Number 5
Broadcast Date April 1, 2014
Episode Length 1:22:03
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Brushwood

This week, Veronica finally makes her Night Attack debut! We talk about how she broke her wrist, MC Allergy releases her newest single and there is an awesome sale on at ScamStuff.com!



During the preshow, the Chatrealm became obsessed with an IRC script from t2t2 that allowed everyone to play Numberwang. For the uninitiated, Numberwang is a game show created for the british sketch show That Mitchell and Webb Look. Check it out. You can see the chatrealm IRC leaderboards here.

However the game of Numberwang devolved into the #chat room being flooded with numbers for a good 15 minutes or so. It got to the point where Brian got upset about not being able to read anything in the chat and moved over to #drama. In one of the least surprising turn of events in history, #drama filled up with numbers after a few seconds. The game finally died out after the chat was muted by the mods on two occasions and any further Numberwangers were kicked.

Once Brian saw a clip of Numberwang from Mitchell and Webb, he proclaimed that all was forgiven.

Cold Open

Brian and Justin try (again) to popularize the phrase "That's the king's speech!"

Opening Video

ScamStuff.com New Promotion!

UGH, Veronica FINALLY decided to show up

Veronica was supposed to be on the show for the previous three weeks. She had to cancel each time because of some stupid excuse about some kind of broken wrist or whatever.

Spearmint Nitrate

Some unknown person has been animating the cold opens for Night Attack. They are only known as Spearmint Nitrate on YouTube. Check out their videos. They're awesome.

How Veronica Broke Her Wrist

As mentioned earlier, Veronica broke her wrist, had surgery and has been doped up on painkillers for the past few weeks. Turns out she broke it while playing tennis with senior citizens (no joke).

Brian and Justin decided to create a story about the incident involving Harvey Weinstein, Paul Molitor, Phil Spector, Jason Statham, Paula Deen, Paula Abdul and Shaq playing badminton with Veronica. Then she and Paula Deen faced off in an Ultimate Surrender badminton game at Kink.com. After Veronica's victory, she jumped on Paula Deen and broke her wrist.


The Patreon is up to $2,055. If you want to become a patron, head on over to Patreon.com/NightAttack.

In the mean time, here are some things that happen in the year 2055.
  • This is the year that the Days of Future Past story occurs.
  • The Dexter's Laboratory movie, Ego Trip, has some scenes that take place in 2055.
  • The protagonist of the film The Age of Stupid is from this year.

MC Allergy

MC Allergy makes her Night Attack debut to show us her new idea for a song. She only has lyrics right now and she needs the Chatrealm to provide the backing track. The song is "Hey Boyfriend (Don't Suck On Those Nuts)" in the style of NoFX.

Head over to chtrlm.us/mcbonnie to download the audio of MC Allergy singing her song and then put music under it.


Go on twitter and say what you think Mailroute is better than using the hashtag "#MaximumNoSpam". Then head on over to Mailroute.net/NightAttack.html for a 15-day free trial.

Scam Stuff Double Your Price Sale

So this episode was recorded on April Fool's Day and everyone on the internet has their own "prank". Brian created a sale on ScamStuff.com in which all the products are double the price.

He dressed up in costume and recorded lines in front of a green screen for people to edit into promo videos. To get the raw videos go to Shwood.com/apr1. Here are some of the finished videos.

Diamond Time

The Diamond Time music is "Stay With Me Forever" from the PC edition of Ys 1 & 2.


During the aftershow, Game On Ep.12 was playing on TWiT (whatever that is). Brian decided to turn on TWiT with the volume muted. For the next 20 minutes Brian, Justin and Bonnie provided the words over top of the episode. It was filled with talking shit about sponsors and pee drinking. Then they ditched the bit and talked honestly about Game On! and its cancellation. It was amazing. The first aftershows of the Night Attack era haven't been great, but if you're a fan of Brian and Jurbs pulling back the curtain, this is one of the best aftershows ever. You NEED to watch it.

Great Quotes

  • "Jiggle dem bits. Jiggle jiggle dem bits!" - Veronica
  • "No, fuck [ Tom ]. Talk about something that really matters." - Justin

Fun Facts

  • The preshow featured the first <> livestream appearance of the Australian sketch group, Aunty Donna (the Bikie Wars guys), at 29:14. Ehhhh, the Chatrealm didn't like the video so much.
  • Tom Merritt, Tay Allyn and Victoria McNally were in the chatroom for this episode.


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to Patreon.com/NightAttack and pledge ANY amount!


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