Sim City 5 Also Featuring The Glowing Stars

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Sim City 5 Also Featuring The Glowing Stars
Number 12
Broadcast Date April 1, 2012
Episode Length 54:19
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Veronica Belmont
Guests Dan Stapeton, The Glowing Stars

Dan Stapleton of GameSpy gives us the details on Sim City 5. Best video game themes ever. Zombies, Run! LIVE performance by The Glowing Stars.


System Update

  • Wasteland 2 Kickstarter closes in on 2 million.
  • Sony closes down Zipper Interactive.
  • After the Double Fine Kickstarter, funding has boomed across all video game kickstarters.
  • Credit Cards could be compromised on XBoxs.
  • A video reveals some potential clarity in Mass Effect 3's ending.

Ford featuring Curve Control

Go to to learn more.

Interview : Dan Stapleton

Brian and Veronica interview Dan Stapleton, of, to discuss Sim City.


Zombies, Run! for iOS.

Featuring cameos from:


Go to for a free trail and use offer code: gameon4 for 10% off your first purchase on new accounts.

Musical Performance

The Glowing Stars perform live in-studio.

L33t Sh33t

The Top 5 Best Franchise Music Of All Time

  • 5. Chrono Series
  • 4. Nier
  • 3. Persona
  • 2. Legend of Zelda
  • 1. Final Fantasy

Honorable Mentions : Command & Conquer, the Uncharted series, Skyrim, Star Control II, Katamari Damacy, and Mega Man.

Doghouse Systems

Go to and use code "GameOn" at checkout and they will double your memory for free.


  • A viewer wants to clarify the Steam April Fool prank was not on the official Steam website.
  • A viewer just finished his taxes and wants to know how to spend his refund.
  • Cheeto needs some 'splaining from Brian and his sock / sandal combination.
  • A viewer was surprised to see Hitman was not on the L33t Sh33t.

Musical Performance

The Glowing Stars continue performing live in-studio.

Shut Up And Play

This week Glenn hosts a session of Counter Strike: Source, and Brian and Glenn face-off in WWE '12 for the Grudge Match and Cards Against Humanity is played after that.

Great Quotes

  • Brian, "I just realized I shouted, 'That's awesome!' to having a homeless problem."
  • Brian, "Yes! Clean, my minions! Wait, Sneakers come back! Come here buddy, look, there's all this over here. Om nyom nom nom nom."

Fun Facts

  • This episode was filmed on April 1.
  • Max Trollbot cameos at the end of the System Update, the Interview, the AppDiction, and during the second half of the musical performance.



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Sim City 5 Also Featuring The Glowing Stars
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