Live from Out of Bounds Festival 2019

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Live from Out of Bounds Festival 2019
Number 288
Broadcast Date September 04, 2019
Episode Length 00:50:52
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt, Bonnie Brushwood, Korey Coleman, Martin Thomas

Brian, Justin, Bonnie, and Bryce are joined at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival with special guests Tom Merritt, Korey Coleman, and Martin Thomas for tales of ye old stone and a new round of "Start-Up Spelling Bee!"


OOBs I Did It Again

It's a live show from Out of Bounds Comedy Festival recorded Tuesday August 27th 2019. The venue was the exact same venue that Brian rented out twenty years earlier for one of his first stage shows. The acts that appeared before Night Attack were Clara Blackstone and Ky Krebs.

Speaking of that first show, Brian was doing a "bed of nails" bit and he got someone from the audience to stand on him as he lay on the bed of nails, and one of the girls was wearing no underwear.

They did a bit with a comparison between magicians and comedians. Then they brought out special guests Tom Merritt and Bonnie Brushwood.

Where the Demons Dwell

Bonnie for many years has planned on taking a trip to Ireland. Bonnie and Brian had planned to go earlier this year with the Whisk(e)y Tribe which fell through, and again with Tom Merritt which also fell through.

Bonnie again has the desire to travel to Ireland, she posted on Facebook and everything. Brian noticed her planning, but noticed that all her destination plans were not Ireland, and that Bonnie had changed and now wanted to go to Scotland.

Scotland makes Brian uneasy because his only knowledge of Scotland is the characters from the movie "Trainspotting" where everyone is a punk on heroin.

Turns out that Bonnie wants to go to Scotland beacuse "Ireland isn't where Stonehenge is." Now, Stonehenge is actually in Wiltshire, England which is neither Scotland nor Ireland. She also wants to go on a "unicorn tour." Brian looked up a unicorn tour company on his phone and they read the single negative review.

They then asked the audience to all move into the first three rows to look better for the video, and brought out producer and game master Bryce Castillo, and more guests Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas from Double Toasted.

Startup Spelling Bee

Startups have terrible names. Bryce gives the name of a company, and they have to guess how it's spelled. Sounds easy, right?

  • Inroadz. Justin guesses "Nroads"
  • Ziik. Brian guesses "zeek"
  • Prokore. Korey guesses "Prokore" (HE'S RIGHT!)
  • Cubbit. Martin guesses "Kubhit"
  • Algoraise. Bonnie guesses "Algaraize"
  • Haystagg. Tom guesses "Hazetag"

Korey's the only right answer! They try another round!

  • Tendertec. The not-Korey team guesses "Tendertech"

Another round, with help from James from the audience.

  • Pakible. James and Korey guess "Pakabl"

Korey is still the winner!


  • "Has this been ten minutes?" - Justin, at seven minutes and thirty seconds into the show.
  • "Can we talk about the benefits of zero knowlege architecture?" - Brian (referencing Cubbit)
  • "Money is meaningless!" - Justin (referencing Algoraise)


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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