High Guality

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High Guality
Number 287
Broadcast Date August 27, 2019
Episode Length 01:27:03
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Brett Weaver

Justin is in-town and we're joined with voice actor Brett Weaver for a rip-roaring good time, plus a...suspect new game "HGTV or Human Trafficking?" and your emails to [email protected]

Check out Brett's podcast "2 Beers In": http://www.2beersin.com/


Take that to the Bank

Night Attack normally comes to you on a tuesday, but this particular tuesday Night Attack were appearing at OOB Fest and so they recorded this episode the friday before to release this tuesday. Got it? Good.

Brett Weaver

Brett Weaver is a long time friend of Brian's. He's a prolific voice actor in many many Anime and video games. Brian ran into Brett at Wizard Academy and presto, he's on the show. He has a podcast http://www.2beersin.com/ and a website http://big-big-truck.com/.

Also, his spouse is E.K. Weaver who does comics and illustrations, and was well known to Bryce.

Remember that time at Dragon Con?

Brett Weaver related a story of meeting George Lowe who voiced "Space Ghost." This also caused Brian and Justin to recount their story of meeting George Lowe at Dragon Con, which was the same Dragon Con as documented on the first "Night Attack" Album track "B-Side: Celebritawkward", and they related a lot of that story again including Levar Burton drinking Dharma Initiative beer and a mystery actress who may have been in "V" and "Deadpool"

The discussion of impressions revealed that Justin's wife Ashley hates the Steve McTilloturlerl voice (the guy who loves laserdisc), and Brian is forbidden from doing Carny Cow voices.

Support the Show

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Due to being a banked episode, there was no Name Chant Corner Hour or Sub n Bitz minute but it'll be back.


They were about to play a game, but Bonnie wanted to talk about deodorant. This became quite the discussion including people finding out that anti-perspirants and deodorants are different things, that Justin's apple watch band smells, and Brian's sandals from Australia stink as confirmed by him passing them around to sniff.

McSweeny's Game

Silas sent in this game, right out of McSweeney's. The game is easy: given a title is it the name of a HGTV program, or a film about human trafficking. As it would turn out, maybe "human trafficking" isn't the best topic to do comedy bits around.

  • "Dying to Leave." Brian: HGTV, Justin: Trafficking, Bonnie: Hallmark Channel (HGTV), Brett: Trafficking. (It was Trafficking)
  • "Candice Tells All." Justin: HGTV, Bonnie: Trafficking, Brett: HGTV, Brian: HGTV. There was also a side bet as to which Candice was the host of this HGTV program. It was HGTV but nobody guessed the right Candice (Candice Olsen)
  • "For Rent." Bonnie: HGTV, Brett: Trafficking, Brian: Trafficking, Justin: Trafficking. It was HGTV.
  • "Bought and Sold." Brett: Trafficking, Brian: HGTV, Justin: Trafficking, Bonnie: HGTV. It was BOTH.

Double Points Round!

  • "The Unsellables." Brian: HGTV, Justin: HGTV, Brett: HGTV, Bonnie: HGTV. It was HGTV.
  • "Not For Sale." Justin: Trafficking, Bonnie: HGTV, Brett: HGTV, Brian: HGTV. It was Human Trafficking.

Last one!

  • "Property Virgins." Bonnie: HGTV, Brett: HGTV, Brian: HGTV, Justin: HGTV. It was HGTV! Hooray the game is over!

If you have a game, send it to mail at night attack dot tv. You likely will get stickers from http://StickersOrDIAF.com if they use it.

Diamond Time

No diamond time this week, due to being a banked episode.

Brian on Tour

Brian is doing a touring magic show, that he hasn't done for a little bit, as he says "to show that he still does magic touring shows." It used to be most of Brian's career and work was the touring magic show, but now most of his career is the internet properties like Night Attack, such that when he has to go do the magic show he has to "apologize to" a lot of people to go do it.

Lots of discussion about Brian doing touring magic, including that the OOB Fest show is in the same theater Brian rented when he started his magic career.

Brett discussed going to conventions and anime cons and how he's been an MC in cosplay contests and while he does a lot of anime voices for shows he doesn't actually know all the characters from all shows ever made and it results in irate audiences.


What is your Fuck/Marry/Kill for conventions? (Brian would marry Defcon, fuck dragon con, kill NACA). This spurred a discussion of the NACA2011 incident which happened on NSFW Show Now Apologizing Convention Attendees. Justin would fuck Gencon, marry ScoopFest, kill SXSW (only so everyone will go to the Night Attack Shows during SXSW). Brett would fuck San Diego Comic Con, marry Anime Central, kill A-KON.


  • "Hello, Citizen" - pretty much everyone imitating George Lowe.


Preshow & Aftershow

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