NSFW @ SXSW Episode 1

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NSFW @ SXSW Episode 1
Number BBLiveShow: 49 / NSFW: N/A
Broadcast Date March 12/13, 2010
Episode Length 1:35:57
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Brett Rounsaville, DJ Z, Jonny Zavant, Jay Brushwood

At long last, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, and Brett Rounsaville gather together for the first time in the same room for a very special NSFW/BBLS from SXSW. Joined by a few special guests, they... shit, what actually happened during the show? All I remember is that it was basically the best thing ever. (That and Brian made some sort of comment about Haiti.)


The episode starts with Brian, Justin, Brett, and Jay Brushwood talking about the custom SXSW version of BBLiveShow.com created by Travis Lopes.

This quickly moves to Justin learning that Sneakers will pee on him, so he "kicks" him. They then talk about OhDoctah getting crap for getting into a party for wearing a certain jersey.

Brian tries to show a CB4 video, but can't find it until visiting Ebaum's World.

Then it's time for a SXSW report! We learn it's a "whitestravaganza"! After JuRY explains why he didn't call when his plane was delayed, Brian hints at a meeting during dinner with Jim Louderback which Justin overheard. After someone in the chat room guesses that Revision3 got Conan O'Brien, Justin says they guessed it.

After a musical break, DJ Z joins the show and Colleen calls in. Brian reveals that Jim was disappointed that Rev3 didn't get NSFW first. Brian announces that the dog kicking has already been added to JuRY's BBpedia article. Zak gives Brian a CD of new mashups and Brian and Justin do a radio intro.

Brian continues with his story about his talk with Jim. According to the story, Jim tells Brian a (very loud) secret. Brett and Justin do mock laughter and Jim tells them they're funny and he has to get it on tape. Jim pulls out a ridiculous amount of recording equipment.

The story is interrupted when "Jim Louderback" is in the chat room and Jay returns with Jonny Zavant. Brett then recaps the story they've been trying to tell for the last 34 minutes. Justin reports that most of the people in the chat room are now some version of "Jim Louderback".

Brett explains that he, Brian, and Justin did their own show just for vincent404 and Jim. "It was 10 minutes of gold!"

Justin tells how he was recognized for his appearance on Talking Head TV.

summary ends at about 40 minutes - please summarize more!

New Champions! Woo!

  • First episode of BBLiveShow or NSFW to have Brian, Justin, and Brett in the same place at the same time.

Great Quotes

  • "I'm black, y'all! And I'm black, y'all! And I'm blacker than black and I'm black y'all!" -CB4
  • Justin: "How about the pee dog gets off the sea jew's leg?"
    • Brian: "Oh my god, you just kicked him!"
  • "Can I just say, to back up a moment, that Sneakers is ugly in the best possible way." -Brett
  • "Holy shit! I was gonna say, we're not on TWiT! Fuck your mom's cunt. These motherfuckers have not seen White Hot American Summer." -Justin
  • Brett: "This is like having two Christmas's" (referring to the 2010 Chilean & 2010 Haitian earthquakes)
    • ( This was brought up by Brian having a go at the Haitian Survivors, Subsequently realizing this was inappropriate, then having a go at the mere 64 Costa Rican fatalities instead.)



  • Episode Archive (only half of the episode is available due to technical issues)

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